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First off, let me introduce myself. I am Allyson Ferguson, and I am the chief editor here at Essential Aroma. Allyson Ferguson

We at essential-aroma.com are huge fans of essential oils and have done our best to compile a list of the best oils, best essential oil brands, and other facts about essential oils we possibly can. This website is intended to categorize the most popular essential oils, the introduction of the latest and most modern essential oils, and convey all of this information to you in easy to digest segments.

Our intention is then to make that knowledge available to anyone who shares our enthusiasm for essential oils. More importantly, we want it to be easy for newcomers to essential oils to easily understand the things we know about these oils, and quickly find ones that are right for them. We keep track of not only specific brands of these oils, but also which natural extracts are used in the most popular oils, and what people have said they’re capable of.

Huge Enthusiasts

Essential-aroma is intended as a neutral gateway into essential oils, owing no loyalty to either brands or specific essential oil products. Some of the ingredients we discuss come from places spread far across the earth, and we also investigate their historical uses to show how people have been accepting of these plants and their possible medicinal benefits for centuries, and in some cases, millennia.

Essential oils are an important part of aromatherapy, and as our name implies, we intend to help others understand the use of unique aromas. The use of these oils as an alternative therapy and stress relief method are all detailed here, and we attempt in as much detail as possible to explain why these smells may trigger relaxation in users where we can.

Pooled Resources

Essential-aroma.com is a labor of love put together by a team, so we can assure you that our website’s various articles and facts have been reviewed by multiple eyes to remove errors and misleading information. We can’t say we’ll present essential oils to you in an unbiased manner, because we love the products, but we hope that our explanations allow you to understand just what about these oils brought us in and convinced us to buy them in the first place.

Our writers come from across the web to share what they know about specific essential oil products, giving you a variety of viewpoints on the products that gave our website its name. We guarantee that no two things you read will be exactly alike, because we want you to hear how essential oils are received not just from us, but from others with a vested interest in sharing their knowledge of these oils with you.

Cataloging New Essential Oils For You

And just like our intention to give you our opinion of essential oils, and those of others, we intend to share with you our knowledge of pure essential oils and the various blends that are scattered throughout the market. The number of these oils around the world is increasing daily, and we want to be the best place for you to receive new and prescient information on these products the moment they first hit the shelves.

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