Aromatherapy is a commonly used practice. But, many people are not aware of what it is. Or, what it can do.

Aromatherapy’s reach has grown across the globe. So too, has its popularity. Mainly due to the benefits it provides. As aromatherapy has been known to benefit different things.

How It Works

Aromatherapy is a practice of therapy. This therapy uses scents to influence a person. This practice believes that scents can affect the individual. However, the effect that it has on the person can vary.

This practice is also a treatment method. It believes that the aromas released can benefit ailments. It thinks that smells impact the brain.


One of the most common side effects that aromatherapy has is it affects our moods. These effects are felt when the aromas are inhaled. Inhaling the scent can affect the physiology of the person. Smells, therefore, result in an effect of their mood.

The impact that the scents have on the brain can be drastic. The smell often results in a reduction in stress. When using calming scents, it can affect the limbic system of the brain.

Who Uses It

This practice is being used widely in homes throughout the country. 

The practice has been widely used to impact the way that a person feels. Most common in medical treatments.

Aromatherapy is also a cost-effective method. This medium is especially true when compared to other medical treatments.  Ailments require costly medications. However, aromatherapy has been known to cure a variety of illnesses.

In addition to medical treatments, business owners have been known to use aromatherapy. Offices are an example of a business that has widely adopted the practice. Believing that the scents deployed from the diffuser directly impact the individuals in the room.

Many topical ointments use this tactic as well. It uses peppermint in medical ointment treatment. That is because of the cooling effects that peppermint oil has. The results of the oil are felt almost immediately on the sin.

Meaning, the buyer will feel as if the product is working right away. In turn, creating a pleasing look for the brand. Increasing process sales.

It is a common marketing strategy used amongst retailers. Many store owners use this tactic. However, despite the extensive use of aromatherapy. Many buyers have its impact go unnoticed.

Scents can be used in retail stores. It is because the scents are believed to influence customers.

When customers walk into a store, the retailers want them to be relaxed. To have them relaxed a simple method is to burn a calming scent. In turn, the customer will spend more money.

Further, company use scents in many products that we use daily. We even use scents on a daily basis. It is most commonly seen in our skin care treatments. Many body creams use relaxing scents such as lavender. It is strategically done by the company to have the client create a pleasurable experience.

If the customer has a pleasurable experience with the product, it is better for the brand. It is because they will likely think favorably of the brand. This impact will help to translate into a better review. In turn, leading to a higher profit that the brand sees.


The result depends on the type of oil that is burned. Certain oils have different effects on an individual’s mood. For example, some scents can be invigorating. Whereas, other scents that burn with aromatherapy can have a calming effect.

An example is a lavender oil. Burning this type of oil relaxes the senses. In turn, resulting in a reduction of stress and anxiety in the individual.

Why Use It

Aromatherapy is also commonly used for its natural benefits. As this practice uses all-natural essential oils. This makes it environmentally friendly.

Diffusers use only all-natural solutions of oil. Making it a great alternative to harmful cleaning products.

As such, these products are widely known to hurt the environment. Therefore, many people are making the switch.

Compared to harmful cleaning products essential oils do not use chemicals. Therefore. They are much safer to use around children. Children are often the most vulnerable to the chemicals in cleaning products.

But, because essential oils are organic parents will not need to worry. That’s because aromatherapy will provide an all-natural solution to common household odors.


A diffuser is not the only method used to release the scent of the oils. Other mechanisms can use aromatherapy. Another common tool that is used for the therapy is aroma lamps.

These lamps do require a source of heat. Electricity can power this. Additionally, the aroma lamp can use a candle to burn the oil.

Similar to a diffuser, aroma lamps tend to use water. Water is used to mix with the oil. Then, when it is heated, a scent is released into the air.

But, an individual does need to have a designated aromatherapy mechanism. People can efficiently practice direct inhalation. It is done by merely having the scent and inhaling it. 

Some results that direct inhalation can have on a person are exceptional. One of the most common side effects is de-congestion.

Many people have been known to inhale minty types of scents directly. It is because the mint will work to decongest the nasal passage. In turn, clearing up the individual’s sinuses.

It is also a great practice as a disinfectant. When the minty scent is inhaled, it can clear out any bacterial growth. In turn, speeding up the healing process of a person.

The result through direct inhalation is often a respiratory relief. Meaning, that the individual will be better able to breathe. As well, they will likely decrease their chances of getting sick again.


Many people believe in the practice of aromatherapy.  Despite the critics, the method continues to grow.

Aromatherapy is a practice that is healing. For this reason, it will continue to grow with popularity.

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