Essential oils are much more commonplace now than even ten years ago. Studies on the effectiveness of aromatherapy are helping people believe it can help them with a number of their problems.

Aromatherapy users are as varied as the different reasons you might use essential oils. Many different kinds of people rely on aromatherapy to help them with the health problems they experience. From soccer moms to hippie chicks, people from all walks of life use essential oils.

Trying to completely describe every kind of person that uses aromatherapy would be impossible. However, there are certain types of people that are more likely to use essential oils. Here is a brief overview of them.

Worried Parents

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As a parent, you want your children to be as happy and healthy as possible. Often, that means looking into methods that will help support your children with their struggles.

Parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals and foods their children interact with every day. Because of this, many parents are turning to aromatherapy to help their children get over illnesses and improve their overall immune system.

School can be a difficult time for many children. Going to school helps them learn how to interact in social situations, but the learning process is not an easy one. Trying to fit in at school is hard and can make your child feel alone.

If your children are just starting school and get frustrated easily, aromatherapy can help you get control of their agitation. It can also help your children focus better in an environment that can easily become overwhelming.

Using essential oils at night is a good way to help your children fall asleep and get the rest they need for the next day.

Sick People

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Aromatherapy has many healing benefits that have been used for several thousand years. Many effective ancient remedies rely on distilled essence of plants to treat the diseases we currently medicate.

New studies are coming out to show how essential oils can heal some illnesses and reduce symptoms. Some of them are even more powerful than the over-the-counter medicines designed for common illnesses.

If you’re one of those people who catch every cold that goes around, the chances are good that your immune system is compromised.

There are many essential oils whose natural properties help strengthen your immune system. Others have antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities that will help fend off bacterial strains that lead to illness. These kinds of oils are helpful in eliminating viruses that live in your home, car, or office.

Aromatherapy is useful in treating the following ailments:

People who attended get sick often rely on essential oils to heal faster and prevent germs from taking root on their bodies or in their homes.

Anxious People

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Anxiety and stress are becoming more common as our society becomes busier. 40 million people in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders that interfere with their ability to function.

You don’t have to to have an anxiety disorder to experience anxiety. Stressful life events such as getting a new job, moving to a new location, starting school, or losing a loved one can also cause anxiety.

While there are many anti-anxiety medications, trying to find one that works can take a long time. Medication can also become expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance.

More people are turning to aromatherapy to help them deal with their symptoms of anxiety.

Studies have found that aromatherapy significantly lowers anxiety levels and increases the quality of sleep. One study, in particular, found that aromatherapy helped patients reduce their anxiety by 50%.

Many people are also turning to essential oils to help with their anxiety because it is a relatively easy method to start. You are required to see a doctor or consult someone before using it. Aromatherapy is a great way to start getting immediate relief from anxiety.

Those Interested in Holistic Living

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There’s a growing number of people who feel like the health care system has let them down. When doctors failed these people, they start looking for other answers. Holistic living is an answer for many of these people.

Others turn to holistic living to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. These people are tired of how they feel around unnatural chemicals and want to treat their body well.

Before essential oils became widely used, those who practice holistic living used to be the only ones who relied on aromatherapy. They turned to ancient practices to help them live better lives, as they felt that modern methods caused their suffering.

Mindfulness and holistic living tend to go hand-in-hand. Holistic practitioners rely on aromatherapy to activate their sense of smell while they are trying to stay in the present moment. Bringing strong aromas into a meditation practice is a great way to connect with the present moment.

Those Who Don’t Want to Take Medications

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Most medications come with some dangerous side effects. Sometimes those side effects can be worse than the symptoms you are trying to treat with your medication.

Many of these side effects cause people to feel anxiety. They are worried about what will happen to them if the medication interacts badly with other things in their life.

Instead of trying to navigate all of the side effects that come with medication, more people are turning to essential oils to supplement their health.

If you want to avoid managing, relying on aromatherapy is a good alternative. Most essential oils do have side effects, and those are uncommon. The worst you that can happen is that you experience a rash or upset stomach.

No matter who you are or what you believe, you too can become an aromatherapy user. You don’t have to meet any qualifications or be a specific kind of person to benefit from essential oils.

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