With the average person working upwards of 40 hours each week, it’s easy to understand why sales of bath bombs, bath tea, and other relaxation products are booming. People are looking for any opportunity that they can get to relax at the end of a long day and find more quality of life. Bath tea is a great solution for this because it can force your body to relax, soften your skin and give you the calmness that you need to get a good nights sleep.

Bath tea is different from other products like bath bombs and bath oils, but they are somewhat similar. All of them have the same goal which is to relax your body and soften your skin. They can do this because they contain ingredients like lavender and sage which can cause your body to relax and give you a clear head.

All of these ingredients have been used for generations, with ancient books and recipes existing to cure certain ailments using only these types of natural ingredients. However, the difference between bath tea and bombs is that bombs use baking soda and acid to create the fizzing sensation and to release a huge amount of dye and scent.

The opposite is true for tea, many of which can barely be visible in the water and which don’t contain a dye which will change the color of the bath. However, because they contain the same types of ingredients, they can both have a similar impact on your body and mind.

What is Bath Tea?

Bath tea is surprisingly like drinking tea; it’s a collection of herbs and leaves which are contained in a small bag and then diffused throughout the water. However, you’re not supposed to drink it. Instead, it’s designed to relax your body and help you to enjoy a more calming bath. These ingredients have been used for generations and are known to be effective.

The tea leaves will release their oils, and those herbs will emit a pleasant odor, both of which will have calming and soothing effects on your body. There are a variety of different herbs and leaves which you can use, and each blend will have a unique effect on your body, which is why it’s important to look for the right product for the desired effect.

Why Should You Take a Green Tea Bath?

A standard warm bath can help you to relax and soften your skin, but green tea baths take it to the next level. It’s almost comparable to drinking tea at help using a kettle, versus getting it from a specialty store where they have the recipe down to perfection. Tea baths include herbs and leaves which encourage muscle relaxation and which can calm your mind.

While you might not need to take a tea bath every night of the week, on days which are particularly challenging it might be the only thing that you’re looking forward to. In this case, they can change your day by relaxing your body and clearing your mind.

Different Bath Tea Recipes

Each company has their unique blends which use a variety of ingredients, each of which is selected for their natural benefits. Some of the most common ingredients are:

  • Lavender and rose petals which can fill the air and water with a floral odor which will help you to relax.
  • Chamomile which is incredibly popular because of its soothing properties which will cause your skin to soften and can help to reduce stress.
  • Sage and lemon balms which are thought to help to clear the head because of their strong and vivid scent.
  • Hops have been used for centuries because of their ability to help you to sleep more quickly and deeper.
  • Peppermint which is thought to sooth your both and reduce anxiety.
  • Jasmine flowers are used in a variety of blends primarily for their smell which is a critical part of helping you to enjoy your bath.
  • Epsom salts which are known for their ability to help to relax your muscles which is important when you have aches and pains.

Ideally, you would be able to use every single one of these ingredients in a single tea bath. But that’s probably not going to smell very nice, is it? Therefore, most companies choose their ingredients based on the desired results. Some of the most common types of tea bath are pain relieving, stress removal and anxiety prevention.

What can you use as Bath Tea Bags?

The tea bags that hold the tea need to be strong to keep the leaves in, but they should also be porous to allow the water to freely flow through the allow the oils to enter into the bath. Some of the most common examples would be specialized paper, thin cloth bags and even materials similar to what is used in pantyhose.

Can Bath Tea be Reused?

Some people do choose to reuse their tea bags in multiple baths, but the second bath will be greatly weakened. Ideally, you should only use the leaves and herbs once because the vast majority of their oils, scents, and benefits will be used in the first bag. If you want to reuse them, you can store the bag and allow it to dry out in a container and then use the bag again within a few days before all of the benefits are lost.

How to Make Bath Tea Bags

Although the commercial bags that you can buy are fantastic, it’s also possible to create your own if you would like. You can buy bags in bulk which can be easily packed with whatever ingredients that you like and it’s easy to find herbs and plants like lavender, rose petals and dry lemon online or in specialty stores.

What to Look for in the Best Bath Tea

The “best” bath tea is dependent on what the effect you’re looking for is. However, choosing a reputable provider who has been creating tea bath bags for years is usually a better bet than buying from a private individual who might be using lower quality ingredients.


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