Why Blend the Oils?

It is no secret that essential oils can be blended. Once blended, the results can be surprising. It is because blended essential oils provide many benefits.

Once the oils blend, they can take on different effects. These effects also differ when used differently.

Essential oil blends can be used in a variety of manners. Benefits from the oils occur when smelled. Meaning, the oil blend will be burned in a diffuser.  In addition to smell, essential oil blends are topical. This means that the oil blends can be placed onto the skin. Once rubbed into the skin certain types of combinations can benefit the user.

Relaxation Benefits

One of the most common benefits that essential oil blends provide is relaxation. This benefit is widely appreciated. As well, it is one of the most common reasons why people seek out essential oils.

Relaxation benefits are a result of the decrease in cortisol. This effect is a favorite amongst the public.

This benefit is often appreciated when essential oils burns. This is because certain scents provide a calming effect on the body. This benefit is in lavender based fragrances.

Offices treatment centers often use these techniques. It is because their results garner a decreased level of stress. Lavender oil burns during a massage session. It is because it is designed to relax the client. In turn, creating a soothing environment.

Topical Relief

Another great benefit that essential oil blends provide is a limited relief. Topical relief is in essential oil blends.

There are a significant number of skin care benefits that essential oil blends have. It depends on the type of oils. Once combined, the benefits are endless.

A common topical benefit that essential oils provide is anti-bacterial. That is typically a result of using tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil can then be used to cleanse the skin. It will leave the skin feeling fresh. As well, it will clean the area of any bacteria.

This can benefit people who are struggling with acne. It is because it will remove dirt. As well, it will cleanse the pores from oil.

The end benefit will be a brighter complexion. As well, it will work to disinfect the skin. By cleaning the surface, the tea tree oil will leave long last results.

When tea tree oil combines with additional oils, the properties of its benefits can change.

Citric Oils

Citric oils are also widely used for their local benefits. For this reason, skin care products often contain these oils.

Citric oils have many benefits. One of the main advantages it provides is invigoration. This awakening property through its scent. This scent tends to awake the individual that uses it. In turn, resulting in a more awakening feel.

There are awakening benefits to citric acid blends. These blends can be clearing. That’s because citric oil tends to be used to balance out the skin tone.

When tea tree and citric oil are combined, it results in a powerful skin care treatment. This treatment will leave the skin feeling fresh. As well, all bacterial will clear off the surface. Resulting in a long-lasting clear complexion.

Pain Relief

Another benefit that essential oil blends can combine is pain relief. Specific mixtures of oils can be used to provide limited assistance to particular ailments.

These types of blends often combine peppermint. This is because peppermint has a cooling feel. This cooling feel is often beneficial for tender joints.

Therefore, peppermint oil blends are a favorite among people with sore muscles. This can benefit people who are dealing with joint pain.  As well as people who are suffering from arthritis.

When applied directly to the joints peppermint oil blends release a tingling feeling. This feel relaxes the joints. In turn, creating a relaxing feel for the muscles.

Often, peppermint mixes with a calming oil. A favorite amongst the public is lavender. When mixed these scents provide a useful contrast. The contrast comes from the cooling and invigorating nature of the mint. As well as the calming scent of the lavender.

When these agents are combined, it releases an overpowering scent in many treatments. Often, oils are used during massage treatments. This is because the smell from the lavender will ease the patient.

In turn, the mint in the oil blend will provide local relief. Together the oils combine to decrease muscle pain. Ultimately, resulting in relief from pain.

Many people are turning towards these blends. This is because of the relief that the mint base provides.

The benefits that they provide is also a very cost-effective solution to pain relief. This is especially true when compared to costly medications. As well, these oil blends can apply at home. Meaning, the patient won’t need to turn towards expensive medical treatments.

Awakening Properties

Another great benefit that essential oils have is their awakening properties. These properties are felt when burned. The aromatic scents are typical when heated in a diffuser.

These oils often combine citric acids with minty scents. These properties that these oils provide when burned are beneficial. That is because they are awakening scents. 

These scents are familiar throughout the home. This can be seen when burning lemongrass. Another classic household blend for its invigorating scent is peppermint oil blends.

This is because the scents combine to awaken the individual. The aroma invigorates the senses. In turn, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.

In addition to homeowners, many office buildings burn these oils. This is because the scents that these invigorating oils provide awaken workers.

Many offices choose to use these scents for these beneficial properties. This is because it will awaken workers. When workers are more alert, they will perform better. They are more likely to achieve better results because they will be more awake.


Essential oil blends provide big benefits. This is especially true based on how they are blended. Despite the mix, essential oils are used by many. Because of this popularity, their interests will increasingly grow.

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