Why Use Them?

Essential oils are a favorite of many. It is because they offer many significant benefits. These benefits do vary. They vary depending on the type of oil used. Further, the method used can have different effects. 

Oils have been used for many years. Over these years they have been used to improve the overall health of an individual. Meaning, essential oils can improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional health


The method that the oils use varies. Often, they can be applied directly onto the skin. For example, in beauty treatments.  Further, used during relaxation treatments. An example of this is during a massage session.

Essential oils can also aid home cleaning techniques. For example, in a diffuser. it is where the oil’s aroma dispels throughout the air of a home.

The final method that essential oils are used in for is in natural medicines.

Healing Properties

One of the most common benefits that essential oils offer is its healing properties. Meaning, the oils work to heal ailments. The most common illness an essential oil can help with is to fight colds and flu.

Essential oils work to heal cold and flu symptoms. It stimulates the senses. The best essential oil to use to improve the flu is oregano oil.


Another benefit that essential oils have is their ability to relax. Relaxation is a common result of using the oils. It is especially true when used in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a method of using essential oils. This process works by burning the oil. The aroma will then fill the air. This aroma is believed to help relax the body.

The practice of aromatherapy is often used to relax. Frequently, this practice is during a massage. One of the most relaxing scents to use is lavender. Lavender does have soothing properties. It makes it a common choice for aromatherapy.

Easing Pain

Essential oils also benefit sore muscles. It befits the muscles by easing the pain. This can be done by applying the oil directly to the skin. As well, the scent of the oil can relax the muscle.

A familiar scent that is used to ease muscle pain is peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has cooling properties to it. As well, the oil has a stimulating scent. This combination benefits tender joints. In turn, leaving tired muscles feeling great.

This pain relief is vital for many different types of people. For example, the pain relief it provides can benefit athletes. It is because they often deal with muscle pain or aches. It is also suitable for the elderly. Because they also deal with frequent pains.

Balancing Hormones

Another benefit that essential oils have is their ability to balance hormones. They do this through a natural process. It is, therefore, better than medical alternatives. Many are turning towards the oils as an organic alternative. That can provide its patients with similar results.

Certain types of essential oils work the best for balancing hormones. People can expect the best results of balancing their hormones out of three. These are sage oil, thyme oil, and sandalwood oil.

These oils can be burned to fill the air with an aroma. And, it can be applied directly to the skin. Either way, the benefits of using the oil are excellent.

The result that people using the oils to balance their hormones can be drastic.

As well, sage oil has worked to balance the estrogen levels in a person. This assists with a person with infertility issues. It is because it will work to balance out the levels in the body.

Thyme oil also has excellent hormone balancing benefits. Thyme is best used to balance hormones within the body. It is another natural alternative to costly medications. Thyme aids with infertility issues. In turn, providing relief to its patients.

Sandalwood is another essential oil with hormone balancing benefit. Sandalwood’s uses are as a stimulant. This is also a favored scent in colognes and perfumes. As it is preferred amongst both men and women.


They are often used to aid people dealing with mental illness. For example, sage oil works as an anti-depressant.

Sage oil works as a mood booster by affecting the cortisol levels in a person. Cortisol affects an individual’s mood. In turn, the sage lowers the stress levels in a person.  This results in a benefited mood.

Skin Healing

Another great benefit that essential oils have is their skin healing properties. This is often shown when the oil is applied directly to the skin. Putting these healing oils on the surface has shown drastic results.

Essential oils work by absorbing directly into the skin. Certain types of oil can assist with reducing inflammation. It is a great way to deal with skin rashes or burns.

The oil that helps best with inflammation is frankincense oil. Frankincense oil can be rubbed directly onto the red area. Meaning, it works to reduce the redness. As well, it will soothe the irritated skin.

Additionally, certain types of oil help with skin acne. By applying the oil directly to the skin. The most common oil that helps is tea tree oil.

Tea oil is a great product to use in a skincare regime. Because it is an all-natural alternative. Additionally, it has cleansing properties.

Meaning, tea tree oil will leave your skin feeling clean. Tea tree oil also has anti-bacterial properties. Meaning, it will clean the surface of bacteria. In turn, cleansing away acne.  The oil leaves behind the bright and smooth skin.

Another great oil that works for skin conditions is carrot oil. Carrot oil has been known to rejuvenate the skin. Ideal for elderly patients. Or, people who are in need of a boost.

The oil can be applied directly onto the skin. In turn, leaving it looking brighter.


Essential oils help heal skin care, imbalanced hormones relief, and relaxation. They are a great natural alternative that does help people.

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