If I had known about Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) earlier, then I might have gotten hooked to essential oils a lot sooner. When I first got interested in essential oils, I was dismayed by the fact that the brand I first looked into used multi-level marketing. Apart from the negative reputation of such companies, MLM schemes are also bound to fail. In fact, according to a Federal Trade Commision report, these companies have very high loss and failure rates. The FTC described these investments as “questionable” and something similar to gambling. RMO doesn’t use MLM strategies to sell their oils.

If you are looking for a company that sells directly to its customers rather than require you to sign up as a member and having to worry about downlines and uplines, then you should check out Rocky Mountain Oils.

Introducing Rocky Mountain Oils

essential oils contained in small amber bottles beside fresh flowers

Rocky Mountain Oils is one of the major players in the essential oil industry. The company sells different kinds of essential oils. They have single oils, blends, kits, and roll-ons, among other product categories. Aside from essential oil products, Rocky Mountain Oils also sells home cleaning kits under the AVA Shield brand, and nutritional supplements under the Tohi label.


Rocky Mountain Oils does not use multi-level marketing strategies. Instead, they sell their products directly to buyers. Because they cut out any commissions and go-betweens, the company can sell their products at the best budgets possible.


Rocky Mountain Oils seeks to provide authentic and pure essential oils. All of their oils are tested by a third party laboratory to ensure the quality of their products. For one, the company has outside laboratories doing gas chromatography-mass spectrometry testing on every batch of oils they sell. GC/MS tests website​​​ allow the company to know for sure what components are in a sample essential oil, and how much of these components are there.

Apart from the outside GC/MS tests, Rocky Mountain Oils also performs refractive index and organoleptic evaluation. The company’s in-house personnel inspect the feel, look, and smell of the essential oil. They also check the refractive index of the oil. Unadulterated oils have a specific refractive index. Diluted or adulterated oils bend light quite differently from their pure counterparts.

With all of these tests, the company can guarantee that the oils they sell are pure and unadulterated. You can even check the results of the tests on the oils you purchase on the company’s website.

Free shipping and returns

The company offers free shipping on all orders placed within the United States or to international buyers who spend over a certain amount. Rocky Mountain Oils also gives you hassle-free returns. You can return your orders for any reason within 90 days. It does not matter if you have already opened the bottles, they will still process your refund, no questions asked.

Tons of information for each oil

Rocky Mountain Oils provides you with a lot of information regarding the essential oils that they sell. You can get sample recipes, suggested uses, and safety information. They can also tell you which essential oils will blend well with a particular product.

General Advice and Warnings When Using Rocky Mountain Oils

Regardless of what essential oil product you are using, you should refrain from ing​​esting it without the approval of your doctor or other trained medical professionals. You should also avoid putting undiluted essential oils directly on your skin. Further, keep in mind that there are only a few studies on the medicinal and health benefits of essential oils. The results of these studies are far from being conclusive. More studies are needed to establish these health-related claims.

As such, please do not take any information shared herein as medical advice. If you are thinking of using essential oils to treat any disease or manage any condition, then you should first talk to your doctor.

The Best RMO Essential Oils

essential oils beside rolled towels

Here is a glimpse of Rocky Mountain Oils’ range of products. This listing will help give you an idea of what to expect from the brand.

Rocky Mountain Oils Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree 10ml Roll-On
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is also commonly known as Melaleuca.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil has a medium-strength fresh and herbaceous aroma presenting a top-middle fragrance note.

The Rocky Mountain Oils Tea Tree Essential Oil comes from Australia. This essential oil has a mix of herbal and menthol aroma. It blends well with a variety of essential oils such as eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, and rosemary.

According to RMO, this essential oil is an excellent addition to your hair and skin care regimen. You can also use it with your cleaning products, soap, or surface cleaners. You can even add it to your foot soaks or fresh linen spray. It can also purify the air that you breathe.

Rocky Mountain Oils Orange Essential Oil

Organic Orange Essential Oil 15ml by Rocky Mountain Oils - 100% Pure...
  • Organic Orange Has A Sweet, Fresh, Citrus Scent
  • Included In RMO's Energy and Mood collections
  • Diffuse Or Apply Topically To Inspire Cheerfulness And Optimism

The Rocky Mountain Oils Orange Essential Oil is part of the company’s relief and cleaning lines. The citrusy smell of this ess​​ential oil is a great mood enhancer, according to RMO. It is also an excellent addition to your skin care routine, giving you relief from oily, dehydrated, or dry skin.

Rocky Mountain Oils Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

Rocky Mountain Oils Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure and...
  • 100% Pure essential oil: Sacred Frankincense is the most rare of the Frankincense varieties; This precious oil features...
  • Diffuse: Sacred Frankincense is well known for it's powerful grounding properties; Diffuse Sacred Frankincense to...
  • Topical: The constituents in Sacred Frankincense make it a must-have for your skincare regimen; Add to your daily...

The Rocky Mountain Oils Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil comes from the Boswellia sacra tree and has a balsamic and woody aroma. This particular oil comes from Oman. The company clai​​ms that this oil can help improve your skin tone and appearance when applied topically.

Further, RMO claims that the Rocky Mountain Oils Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil helps in meditation and balance, as well as in alleviating loneliness and grief. It can also make scars less visible. You can dilute it in a carrier oil and rub it on your skin or diffuse it to get the purported effects.

Rocky Mountain Oils Lavender Greece Essential Oil

Rocky Mountain Oils Lavender Essential Oil -- 15ml
  • Rocky Mountain Oils Lavender Essential Oil - 15ml

The Rocky Mountain Oils Lavender Greece Essential Oil is a part of three of the company’s collections: skin care, mood, and sleep. This versatile and useful product comes in soaps, bath products, skin care products, and sprays. You can also diffuse it or dilute it in a carrier oil for topical applications.

The company claims that its lavender Greece essential oil is beneficial for your skin and can help calm your muscles. They also say that it can help you get a good night’s sleep, as well as make your linens smell fresh and clean. You can also use it to nourish your hair.

Rocky Mountain Oils Peppermint Essential Oil

Rocky Mountain Oils Peppermint Essential Oil - 100% Pure and Natural...
  • 100% Pure Peppermint essential oil: Our pure and undiluted Peppermint Essential Oil has a strong minty, cool,...
  • Diffuse: Add a few drops of peppermint to any diffusers for essential oils or aromatherapy diffuser and experience its...
  • Topical: Peppermint Essential Oil is one of the essential oils for skin use with an icy-hot effect, also soothing...

The Rocky Mountain Oils Peppermint Essential Oil belongs to both the relief and energy collections of the company. You can use it as a muscle rub, a natural cleaning agent, or an air purifier. You can also diffuse the oil for a fresh smelling room and to ward off rodents and insects.

The company claims that the RMO peppermint essential oil can alleviate fatigue and boost your energy. It can also make you alert, self-confident, and creative. It can even elevate your mood and ease tension.

Rocky Mountain Oils Tummy Rub Essential Oil Blend

Rocky Mountain Oils Tummy Rub Essential Oil Blend with 100% Pure and...
  • Essential oil blend for digestion: Tummy Rub Essential Oil Blend has a soothing, minty-fresh, clean aroma; The blend...
  • Diffuse: With its soothing and calming aroma, use any aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils to diffuse Tummy Rub to...
  • Topical: Relieve stomach discomfort and symptoms of constipation; Massage the oil into the abdomen area in a clockwise...

The Rocky Mountain Oils Tummy Rub Essential Oil Blend combines frankincense, peppermint, juniper berry, fennel, cypress, and ginger root. As part of the company’s relief collection, this oil blend helps you feel calmer and more relaxed if you apply it around your abdomen area. You can also put it into your bath or add it to massage creams.

Rocky Mountain Oils Sports Pro Essential Oil Blend

Rocky Mountain Oils Sports Pro Essential Oil Blend 15ml - 100% Pure...
  • Sports Pro Has A Strong, Minty, Menthol Aroma
  • Included In RMO's Relief Collection
  • Diffuse Or Apply Topically To Stimulate Deeper Breathing

The Rocky Mountain Oils Sports Pro Essential Oil Blend gives you a strong spicy, mentholated, and minty fragrance. It puts together peppermint, wintergreen, nutmeg, black pepper, marjoram, oregano, and everlasting flower essential oils in one blend. Suggested uses include using the product as a muscle rub or soak.

Rocky Mountain Oils Immune Strength Essential Oil Blend

Rocky Mountain Oils Immune Strength Essential Oil Blend - 100% Pure...
  • 100% Pure essential oil blend: Our Immune Strength Essential Oil presents a very strong, deep, herbal aroma with spicy...
  • Diffuse: With an essential oil or aromatherapy diffuser, diffuse Immune Strength to freshen the air in your home, and...
  • Topical: Dilute Immune Strength Essential Oil with a carrier oil for a cooling foot massage; Our Immune Strength blend...

Rocky Mountain Oils Immune Strength Essential Oil Blend contains clove bud, ginger root, eucalyptus, nutmeg, rosemary, thyme, mandarin, cinnamon bark, orange, lemon, and oregano essential oils. This product gives off a deep, spicy, and herbal aroma. The company claims that this blend will naturally disinfect and clean your home.

A part of Rocky Mountain Oils’ wellness collection, the company says that it can help you maintain a healthy immune system, purify the air around your home while bringing a calming and comforting effect. You can also use this in your DIY cleaning products to help clean various surfaces around your home.

Rocky Mountain Oils Tranquility Essential Oil Blend

Rocky Mountain Oils Tranquility Essential Oil Blend - 100% Pure and...
  • 100% Pure essential oil blend: Tranquility combines the stress-relieving powers of orange, tangerine, patchouli, lime,...
  • Diffuse: Tranquility inspires patience and calms everyday worries, while aiding with cessation of bad habits; One of the...
  • Topical: Tranquility makes a great massage oil for massage therapy; Dilute it with your favorite carrier oil and apply...

The Rocky Mountain Oils Tranquility Essential Oil Blend gives you a warm, calming, and floral aroma. This product combines tangerine, ylang-ylang, orange, lime, patchouli, blue tansy, lavender, and citronella essential oils in one blend. According to the company, this blend will help soothe and calm both your body and mind.

You can diffuse this blend and meditate with it, or you might want to mix it with your massage oils. According to R​​MO, this will help you relax and become more patient. It can also help you quit bad habits.


Rocky Mountain Oils Chakra Blends Kit - Roll On Essential Oils - Root,...
  • Balance your chakras: Our chakra blend essential oils with stones and crystals set unblocks and balances all seven...
  • Includes gems and healing stones: Allow your energy to flow more smoothly, improving your mood and energy; Our Chakra...
  • Pure essential oils: Our Chakra Blends aromatherapy essential oil rollers are 100% pure and natural; Aromatherapy can be...

Aside from the individual essential oils and blends that the company sells, you can also buy sets of oils that work or blend well together. They have kits for single essential oils such as the Organic Essential Oil Kit. The package puts six different singe oils in a set, including frankincense, tea tree, peppermint, orange, grapefruit, and turmeric.

For beginners, you can check out the Essentials Kit, which features six 0.33-ounce bottles containing orange, tea tree, peppermint, lemon, rosemary, and lavender.

The company also sells essential oil blends in kits, such as the Purification Essential. This particular product includes Purify, Loads of Fun, and Minty Clean essential oil blends.

There are also themed kits for a variety of purposes, such as the Chakra Blends, Purification Essential, and Summer Love. These kits feature a combination of roll-ons, single oils, and oil blends, in 0.33-ounce and 0.5-ounce bottles.

Should You Buy Rocky Mountain Oils Products?

Rocky Mountain Oils is not the best-known brand of essential oils right now. But for those who are curious about EOs and do not like to commit just yet, they might be better off with RMO. Because the company does not use multi-level marketing strategies, customers do not have to sign up for a membership.

This brand is also great for beginners. With the amount of information that you can get from each product page, users go through the initial steps of their essential oil journey. They can get recipes, discover other oils, and learn about health benefits all from one page. Further, this brand is not just for beginners, even experienced essential oil users might be happy with RMO.

For those who like to be sure that they get pure and top-quality essential oils, they can trust RMO. The company provides the results of third-party tests for every batch they sell. What’s more, the company also includes dilution rates for each product, allowing you to be safe when using their oils.

With the quality of these oils practically assured by certifications from third-party laboratories, coupled with moderate pricing, and excellent educational resources on their site, Rocky Mountain Oils is very easy to recommend.

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