When looking for the very best tea tree oil, you have to do your homework properly. There are lots of fakes out there, so it’s best to understand the origin and nature of the true tea tree essential oil.

Tea tree oil comes from a small tree called Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. The use for these tree leaves as medicine was common among the Aborigines in Australia for centuries. They would crush the leaves, extract the oil, and either inhale or apply it topically.

This modern age sees many people covering tea tree oil of different strengths. That is commendable, as the best tea tree oil is excellent for the hair, skin, and general health as well. It’s also a natural substance, so should be safer than most chemical products. However, you shouldn’t just grab the first bottle you see, though! Once you’ve checked out the top picks below, you’ll be able to decide which brand to buy for you and your family.

Let’s explore everything about tea tree oil.

The Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Your Hair And Skin

Besides everyday uses, the best tea tree oil can greatly help you treat several disturbing conditions related to the skin, hair, and nails. Here’s how:

It Relieves Skin Irritation

Coming back to the beauty treatments, though, you’ll be surprised at how the best tea tree oil will soothe any itching or skin irritation. A common cause of these symptoms is eczema. As this oil helps to reduce dry skin, it’s actually proven more effective than the usual Zinc oxide or clobetasone butyrate creams.

It Fights Oily Skin

You’ll also find that the best tea tree oil works great for fighting that oily sheen on your skin! Sunscreens containing tea tree oil have shown some excellent results over a month’s use. You can also mix in a few drops of this amazing oil to your toner, moisturizer, or even bentonite clay to use as a face mask.

It’s An Anti-inflammatory

The best tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It not only soothes irritation and redness but also deals with the infections that caused them in the first place.

In fact, one study showed that tea tree oil could even help treat itchy eyelids. They massaged a 5 percent tea tree oil ointment on participants’ eyelids. More than half of them said that it did away with their itching altogether, while the remaining reported noticeable improvements.

It Deals With Swelling

Along with the itching, you should look towards tea tree oil for reducing that unsightly swelling. When you put a diluted version on inflamed skin, the sensitivity to nickel will help soothe it. That means that even our acne is likely to clear up after some regular doses of the best tea tree oil.

Its Antiseptic Nature Heals Wounds Quickly

The best tea tree oil on the market has anti-bacterial qualities, which make it an effective antiseptic. That means that it cannot only help to heal wounds but also disinfect them. What’s more, it may probably act faster than conventional treatments.

It’s Your Scalp’s Best Friend

Dandruff, lice, and nits are a nightmare, but tea tree oil can help out once again. When added to your shampoo/conditioner, this oil might help the scalp to stay moisturized. It will also remove the dead skin and unwanted chemicals which make things worse. Incidentally, some also claim that the strong smell repels lice and nits, perhaps even helping to eliminate them altogether.

How To Pick The Best Tea Tree Oil

As with many essential oils, tea tree oil has many inferior versions on the market. You hence need to find out the best tea tree oil varieties available. If the claims of a tea tree oil brand are sky-high and the price is unbelievably low, you should look for any other brand. You don’t want to be slathering a lot of inferior chemicals on your body. Therefore, you should look out for several factors before choosing the best tea tree oil:

Check The Level Of Purity

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The more diluted the oil, the less effective it would be. Look out for a 100 percent pure version and mix it in with carrier oils or creams when using.

Buy Organic


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Always go for the organic stuff, especially when you want the very best tea tree oil. The organic varieties have more of the bacteria-fighting components.

Make Sure There Are No Leakages In Packaging

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You want to be sure the bottle is properly packed and sealed. Any leakages or open areas can seriously diminish the potency of tea tree oil. Even the best tea tree oil might become useless if over-exposed to heat, light, and air. A dark brown bottle made of glass is best, with a tight-fitting lid.

Check For Terpinen-4-ol

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There are several compounds in tea tree oil, but Terpinen-4-ol should be present. That’s instrumental in making the oil an antibacterial substance.

Side Effects, Warnings, And Tips For Using Tea Tree Oil

While the best tea tree oil might be a handy remedy for many issues, it’s a strong herbal compound. It’s always best to get a doctor’s advice before starting such remedies on a daily basis. A health practitioner dealing in herbal supplements might also be a good source.

The side effects of even the best tea tree oil could be quite disturbing. For instance, some people may find themselves allergic to the substance. Hence, you shouldn’t try this out before you do a small patch test on your skin. That also goes for different formulations and combinations.

Also, make sure you read the label directions carefully so that you do not overdose on the oil. If this happens, it’s better to discontinue the use immediately and call the doctor. If you miss an application of your oil, you should avoid using double the next time. In fact, it’s much safer to miss the dose as compared to having a double application.

Finally, no one should be ingesting any tea tree product orally. If this occurs, you should call your local poison helpline immediately.

How We Reviewed

We’ve reviewed the best tea tree oils on the market below by deep diving into their specs and quality, then searching consumer review sites for information. We’ve tried to include the best tea tree oils you can have confidence in. This way, everyone can work towards a healthy lifestyle without compromising on quality or their budget.

10 Best Tea Tree Oils To Buy In 2019

The wide range of choices among the best tea tree oils could confuse you. But you can stay safe by selecting one of the options below:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

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This vegan facial wash comes in an 8.4-ounce bottle containing an infusion of Community Trade tea tree oil from South Kenya. It’s among the best tea tree oil products you can find on the market, not least because of the ethical processing involved.

You’ll have a ready-made product here, which provides a refreshing and cleansing lather. The gel base makes sure you get a lot from just a little. It’s gluten-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free, making it safe for everyday use. Some reviews do say that overuse might cause a little redness, so be careful.

ArtNaturals Tea Tree Oil

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This tea tree oil by ArtNaturals comes in a four fluid ounce bottle. It contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that will cleanse and soothe your skin. The healing components also work great for aromatherapy, so you can put it in a diffuser for dealing with congestion or respiratory tract infections.

You can also use this in shampoos, body washes, facial washes, etc. The scent is light and refreshing, though there might be some additives included.

Essential Oil Labs Tea Tree Oil

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This oil by Essential Oil Labs comes from a company that’s known for its excellent quality products. It’s excellent for doing away with bacteria, cleansing your house, or making your nails strong and healthy. There’s a satisfaction guarantee included, with no questions asked.

You can also utilize this oil to soothe your skin and clear up any blemishes. The glass dropper included will make diluting and combining much easier. The concentration might be too strong for some, but it does help in eliminating cavity pain.

NOW Foods Tea Tree Oil

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The NOW Foods tea tree oil is excellent for your hair, skin, and acts as a diffuser. It comes with a dropper and is a natural treatment for that pesky acne. The antibacterial properties mean it can also be a remedy for lice.

While it might come at a high price, this tea tree oil seems to be one of the purest forms available today. An added bonus is the lack of animal testing, unnatural fragrances, gluten, or parabens.

Pure Body Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil

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This Pure Body Naturals oil is extracted using steam distillation from its Melaleuca alternifolia plant. You get a pure, unadulterated, and undiluted form of the best tea tree oil ever. It’s great as an antiseptic, a skin cleanser, and even an air freshener.

While the smell might be a bit overpowering, you can even treat nail fungus or athlete’s foot with this oil. However, you should make sure to use it as directed.

Healing Solutions Tea Tree Oil

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The Healing Solutions tea tree oil comes in a 10 ml bottle and is a unique option with a great smell. You can actually choose between the different natural scents. It’s suitable for massaging as well as aromatherapy or for diffuser use.

The versatility of this oil is another positive factor. There are over 170 oils that would pair well with it. If you’re still not impressed, the company offers a full refund! Be warned, though; the smell could be too overpowering for some.

Naturenics Premium Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

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The Naturenics premium tea tree essential oil is perfect for treating acne, toenails, fungus, and a host of other unwanted conditions. It’s an undiluted and concentrated version, so be sure to dilute it before use. There are no harmful substances here like chemicals, additives, sulfate, parabens, etc.

This oil is also safe for mixing with your other beauty products to make them more effective. The metal- roll-on and glass dropper option are also great, even if the smell might be too strong at first.

Eve Hansen Tea Tree Oil

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This tea tree oil by Eve Hansen is a high-quality one, courtesy of its rigorous testing. It’s also a safe option for pouring into a diffuser or cleaning around the house. You can also add it to your beauty regime by putting a few drops into your moisturizer, shampoo, or lotion.

When used properly, this oil can help with a host of issues such as lice, fungus, ringworm, keloids, and the removal of skin tags! On the downside, though, the smell might be different from other options.

Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil

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The tea tree oil by Majestic is a natural one with therapeutic-grade quality. It’s safe to apply topically, though you should dilute it with coconut oil or a similar carrier option. You have an unfiltered, undiluted, and non-toxic compound here, with a glass dropper for easy handling.

You’d find this oil perfect for aromatherapy as well. However, make sure to exchange the bottle if the packaging isn’t airtight.

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil

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The First Botany Cosmeceuticals tea tree oil is one excellent option, not least because of the origin. Australia is where tea tree oil originated, so it’s not surprising that this oil has a high level of Terpinen. That gives it excellent antibacterial quality.

The Best Tea Tree Oil for All Your Needs

While the best tea tree oil ever might be hard to choose, your needs and requirements will probably help you decide on one option. We’d suggest starting off your natural healing journey with the First Botany Cosmeceuticals Australian. It won’t break the bank, and the origin says a lot about its quality. So grab your oil and get to natural healing!

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