What Is It?

Blending essential oils is a favored practice of many. Throughout history, people have turned to mix essential oils.

It involves mixing certain types. The result is that they can provide benefits. Additionally, combining oil is simple to do.

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Who Does It?

Essential oil blending is a common practice. These blended oils have many different reasons.

Why Do It?

Blending certain oils can have different effects. For example, specific blends have been known to provide uplifting properties.

These blends combine treatment oils. The result is to uplift the mood of the individual.

Another excellent use for blending oils is their aroma. Blended oils have been used for some years. Especially true in perfumes. Blending oils can create a unique scent. By combining oils that appeal to a person

How to Do It

Blends work in two different ways. The first way is in a diffuser. It is an excellent method to have the blended oils carry through a home. That’s because a diffuser will create an aroma. In turn, filling the house with a scent.

Another method is directly on the skin. The blended oil can be applied directly to it. By rubbing it into the skin.

Oils are also put in a spray bottle. Applying as if it was a standard perfume. Or, the person can choose to rub it into the skin. Either way, the person will be left with a great aroma. This scent will be unique to them. As well it will be preferred.

How to Blend

When blending oils, it is best to know which to group. Specific blends work better together than others.

For example, specific combinations provide different effects. The effects that they provide can vary.

A great blend that is used to uplift moods is citrus oils. Citrus oils tend to stimulate the senses; In turn, resulting in an all-natural mood-boosting substance. Essential oil blend can also provide a re-energizing feel. Accomplished by miming scents that carry stimulating properties. Often, this involves mint scents. For example, combining peppermint with spearmint.

Minty scents can be combined to appeal to a person’s preference. A unique way to individualize a smell.

Oils blending can also have a calming effect on the body. The most common blends of oils use lavender. Lavender combined with other oils can calm moods. Frequently it is mixed with mandarin oil, patchouli oil, and sandalwood.


In addition to thinking about the effect of the essential oil blend, it is also suggested to think about the scent type. Certain scent types work better together than others. Types of scents that work well are citrus and floral. These types of fragrances can also be blended. The result will be a unique aroma.

Certain essential oil types are much more floral. One of the most common ones used by people is vanilla. As well, Jasmine is a favorite for its floral note.

There are more scent types that essential oils provide. It is suggested to similar group scents together. That way, it will offer an alluring aroma. And not have any scents that clash. This is important to note. Because a smell you create may not be a favorite of others. 

Citrus types of oils are also suggested to group together. Including grapefruits, lemongrass, and Spicy orange scents also include a different kind of oil. Spicy scents include ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. As well, herbal and citrus types tend to blend well together.


Also, blenders should pay attention to the notes of an oil. Notes are the scent that the oil provides. These are smells that come from it. And, they can change over time. The scent is most notable when burning. However, can be smelled also when applied to the skin.

Specific notes evaporate much more quickly than others. This results in a change in the scent over time. Because of this effect, it is best to group certain note scents. In turn, creating a favorable oil blend.

There are three types of notes to pay attention to when blending. These are known as top note scent. The middle note scents. As well as the base note scents.

Top note scents are the first aroma that distinctly smells. These scents are most commonly known as grapefruit, lavender, or lemon.

A specific type of middle note scents is chamomile, cinnamon, and rosewood. These scents will come most likely during the mid-point of the oils used.

The base note scents are not immediately noticed. These scents include sandalwood, vanilla den a cedar wood.

When combining these scents, it creates a full-bodied aroma. Combining these scents also creates a unique smell. This aroma will intrigue people throughout the day. Leaving you with a consistent fragrance.


Although there are specific essential oil blends that work better than others. It is important to note that there are no hard rules for blending.

Just begin with a base. You can start by picking an aroma that appeals to you. Or, choose support for its effect.

When blending oils, it is also best to be creative. Especially true when combining for perfumes. The result should appeal directly to you.

If you are confused when blending oils for the first time. You can also follow simple set out rules. For example, you can combine scents that work well together. For example, begin with combining citrus based oils. Or, merely combine spicy scents.

Once you know which types of scents work well together, the possibilities are endless. Blenders can combine countless types.

Although some categories are the most common. Executing creativity is vital. Creativity can result in a unique aroma that you love. Additionally, it will be a scent wholly unique to you.

Blending oils can seem like a daunting task at first. However, once broken down and tested. It can quickly turn into a unique activity that executes creativity. Resulting in a unique scent that homeowners adore.

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