Healing oils might sound controversial, especially to people who are not familiar with essential oils.

The thought of using bottled oils rather than pills you buy at the pharmacy will probably strike you as odd. But healing oils have promise.

Those who believe in essential oils will tell you that they use these healing oils for everything from headaches to premenstrual pain. It might be a treatment for something as simple as a toothache, or something as complex as cancer-related symptoms.

What are the healing oils that you should know?

How Essential Oils Heal

Essential oils come from different plants, and each one has several compounds. These compounds help the oils retain the flavor and smell of the plant it is extracted from, hence capturing their “essence.” They are potent healing oils because they display therapeutic properties, although not all claims can be backed by sufficient research.

How do essential oils work as healing oils?

They have terpenes or chemicals that might react with different systems of your body.

For instance, black pepper is rich in caryophyllene and limonene, which have medical benefits. Caryophyllene has antibiotic, anti-cancer, anesthetic, and antioxidant properties. Meanwhile, limonene is said to be good for lowering cholesterol, boosting immunity, relieving indigestion, fighting cancer and infection, as well as aiding weight loss, among many other benefits.

How these healing oils get into your body

These oils are often inhaled or mixed with carrier oils to be rubbed on the skin. When rubbed onto your skin, it can absorb the essential oils so that they go into your system. Essential oils penetrate your skin very well.

It is even being studied as a replacement for synthetic materials to help deliver other drugs through your skin.

Aside from putting diluted essential oils directly onto skin, you can also inhale these oils by diffusing it. When inhaled, essential oils may be affecting your limbic system. This system is the component of your brain that is responsible for your emotions, sense of smell, long-term memory, and specific behaviors.

It is also responsible for certain smells triggering some memories, such as certain smells reminding you of your childhood Christmas mornings.

Using a diffuser

Diffusing essential oils is an excellent way to get it into your system and enjoy its healing effects fast. In general, most diffusers will hold around 3.4 ounces of water.

Add up to five drops of your preferred healing oils into the water before turning the diffuser on.

Clean your diffuser after use. Just throw out the remaining water and get a cotton ball or swab and put some rubbing alcohol on it.

Use the cotton swab to wipe your diffuser’s reservoir.

Warnings when using essential oils as healing oils

Do not think that just because healing oils are natural, it also means that they are perfectly safe to use. Used inappropriately, there are some risks to using these oils. For starters, you should never ingest essential oils. Even small amounts of any essential oil can be poisonous.

Also, essential oils are not regulated. If you are going to use them as healing oils, be sure to ask a healthcare professional for guidance. What’s more, each essential oil can have side effects, and there might be specific counterindications and warnings when using each one. Be sure to read up on these particular warnings before using any essential oil.

Further, you should remember that the supposed benefits of essential oils are not yet definitive. A lot of buzz and hype surround these healing oils and science has a hard time catching up. Some of the benefits of healing oils might be well documented and researched, but for most of these claims, the results are largely inconclusive.

Get Your Healing Oils: The Best Essential Oils for Curing Your Body and Mind

What are the healing oils that you should own?

The following are highly recommended.


Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Frankincense...
  • Highest Quality Pure & Natural Frankincense Essential Oil - Our Frankincense Oil is 100% pure, undiluted, all-natural,...
  • Gc-ms Tested for Purity & Dilution - Every batch of our frankincense essential oil is tested using a a type of testing...
  • Bottled in a 10ml Glass Bottle with Built-In Eyedropper - All of our essential oils are bottled in an amber glass bottle...

This essential oil comes from Boswellia trees. You might have heard of it because of the Three Kings story, but frankincense is also thought to be an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, as well as other diseases. It also kills bacteria and fungi. Further, it can fight inflammation and cancer.

A recent study on this essential oil found that it shows promise in treating dermal fibroblasts and can fight inflammation and heals wounds. Another study shows how frankincense essential oil helps in patients suffering from cancer-related tiredness, thereby improving their quality of life.

This frankincense essential oil comes from a company that distills their essential oils in an FDA-registered facility and offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product.


Artizen Eucalyptus Essential Oil (100% Pure & Natural - Undiluted)...
  • 100% Pure & Natural Eucalyptus Essential Oil - What sets Artizen Essential Oils apart are their unparalleled purity and...
  • Don't Fall Victim To Cheap Diluted Eucalyptus Oil - Most of the competition dilute their oil with a cheap carrier oil or...
  • Most 4 Ounce Eucalyptus Oils Contain Less Than 1/3 Of Natural Oil - Unfortunately, there's a lot of misrepresentation of...

Eucalyptus essential oil is effective in fighting bacteria such as E. coli and S. aureus. It also shows promise in alleviating pain and inflammation. Numerous studies prove that this healing oil can also decrease blood pressure without affecting heart rate and white blood cell counts.

This essential oil is also gaining attention as a food preservative because of its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It is an inhibitor of yeast. These healing oils can treat the flu, fever, colds, and bronchial infections, due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Artizen claims that their eucalyptus essential oil is the most potent one that is available on the market right now. The 100 percent pure and undiluted oil comes in one-ounce green bottles. It also comes with a glass dropper to help you get exact amounts of the product when you need it.


Edens Garden Clove- Bud Essential Oil, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade...
  • Clove Bud gifts you an aroma that‚Äôs spicy and sweet. Think chai tea lattes and freshly baked gingerbread cookies. When...
  • Clove Bud benefits extend beyond it well-wishing aroma, inspiring action and activity. Commonly used as a cooking...
  • Women-owned and family-operated since 2009, we personally source each essential oil and raw ingredient to ensure...

Clove essential oil can easily kill microbes. Like eucalyptus, this healing oil is excellent in killing E. coli and S. aureus, as well as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These three can cause skin infections and pneumonia. A team of Brazilian researchers also notes that clove has higher antimicrobial and antioxidant activity than most other vegetables, spices, or fruits.

Clove essential oil can help prevent dengue by killing mosquito larvae. Further, various studies found that clove can be an excellent antioxidant, pain reliever, antiviral, and may even fight different types of cancer.

The Edens Garden Clove Bud Essential Oil claims to be able to relieve pain and help with toothaches. It also promises to deliver antifungal and antibacterial action, as well as aid in digestive problems. The manufacturer also says that it can reduce blood clots while improving blood circulation, on top of helping with impotence.


NOW Essential Oils, Lavender Oil, Soothing Aromatherapy Scent, Steam...
  • Ingredients: 100% pure lavender oil
  • Aroma: Floral
  • Attributes: Soothing, normalizing, balancing

The list of benefits of using lavender as one of your healing oils is rather long. It has shown potential in treating insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, and depression.

It can even quiet an upset stomach and treat nausea, gas, vomiting, and other digestive problems.

Lavender essential oil also helps with headaches and toothaches, as well as pain from sores and sprains. Further, it can fight fungal infections, heal wounds, combat hair loss, and even helps with some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

The NOW Foods Lavender Oil has a sweet floral scent that makes it a good choice for room fragrances. The bottle contains pure steam-distilled lavender essential oil. It has been tested to guarantee the quality of the materials used to produce this oil.


Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Pure and Natural, Premium...
  • Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil - Pure and natural peppermint oil; non-toxic, no additives, unfiltered and...
  • Peppermint offers multiple household uses; it provides a wonderful cooling sensation; Our oil is non-toxic and great for...
  • Safety Warning: For external use only. Other than aromatherapy, dilute with a carrier oil. Keep out of the reach of...

One of the more well-known healing oils, peppermint has a lot of medicinal uses. Peppermint essential oil holds promise in treating stomach problems, ulcers, and inflammatory diseases. It can help numb pain as a potent analgesic and anesthetic.

It can also fight disease-causing bacteria and germs. Peppermint is an excellent astringent as well, helping to constrict body tissues, especially the skin. It is similarly useful as a nasal decongestant and expectorant, making it a viable cure for coughs and colds.

What’s more, peppermint essential oils can calm your nerves, aid digestion, and stimulate appetite.

Majestic Pure Peppermint Oil does not have additives and is marketed to be 100 percent pure and undiluted. This therapeutic grade oil helps pick you up, while also helping to stimulate your mind, increase focus, and calm irritation of your skin. According to the manufacturer, it can also help with headaches and migraines, as well as decongest your sinuses and chest.

Going Beyond EOs: Other Healing Oils

While writing this piece, we came upon other healing oils that you might not consider to be essential oils. Reading the reviews on Amazon, however, it seems that these healing oils will be of interest to people who are looking for natural remedies.

Check out the Hoodoo Voodoo Healing Oil, the Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl, and the Maple Holistics Muscle Pain Massage Oil.

Art of the Root Healing Oil

Healing Oil 1/2 oz Hoodoo Voodoo Wiccan Pagan Santeria
  • For Sickness, Grief, Sorrow & Emotional Healing
  • Comes in a 1/2 oz Bottle
  • Includes real herbs and essential oils in every bottle

This Healing Oil from Art of the Root claims to be good for sickness, sorrow, emotional healing, and grief. These oils include essential oils and real herbs.

This oil is marketed for use in hoodoo, voodoo, and pagan rituals.

It is interesting because studies on hoodoo and voodoo are very scarce, yet it has caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal. People love how good this oil smells and some even attest to its healing powers, especially with pain. Others wrote that these oils are effective and simply work.

Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl

Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl 8oz
  • Eliminates dryness
  • Coats hair
  • Adds sheen

Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl is an excellent product for those who have problems with their hair and scalp. It contains mineral oil, kukui nut oil, almond oil, and other different ingredients that are proven to be beneficial when you want to take care of your hair.

It can help eliminate the dryness of your scalp and protects your hair by coating it.

Maple Holistics Muscle Pain Massage Oil

Aromatic Sore Muscle Massage Oil - Aromatherapy Massage Oil for...
  • MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF MASSAGE OIL naturally helps to heal aches and pains without pills or tablets. It is a healthier...
  • OUR MUSCLE RELAXING OIL pure essential oils of lemon basil rosemary and carrier oil jojoba with Vitamin E were carefully...
  • OUR THERAPEUTIC STRENGTH formula reduces effects & irritation from swelling. Our recipe is enhanced with lavender for...

If you suffer from tired and aching muscles, then be sure to check out the Muscle Pain Massage Oil from Maple Holistics.

This healing oil relaxes your muscles with its mix of lemon, rosemary, and basil essential oils. More than alleviating muscle pain, it also helps you fight different signs of aging such as dry skin.

Final Recommendations on Healing Oils

Healing oils have a lot of uses when it comes to your health. You can certainly benefit from having a natural and inexpensive alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Instead of popping a pill, you might want to diffuse a few drops of essential oils and get immediate relief, while also making your room smell great.

The thing with essential oils is that each variant has its own set of medicinal properties that can treat different illnesses. It is not only effective with physical maladies but also with psychological conditions, as well.

You can have a healing oil such as peppermint that can help you get over your nervousness, while also helping decongest your nose or numb muscle pain.

Healing oils, with your doctor’s supervision, can also help you avoid getting sick in the first place. For instance, diffusing clove essential oil can help you get rid of bacteria that might make you sick.

Are you using healing oils right now? Tell us about it in the comments!

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