From stay at home dads to female fighter pilots, the roles of men and women are less defined as in the past. Dropping the stereotypes gives new life to individuals as they explore non-traditional careers and break barriers every day. But regardless of how cultures evolve, the physical differences between men and women remain. Women age differently and go through significant changes in health at each stage of life.

Unique women’s health issues ranging from pregnancy and childbirth to menopause and loss of bone density. Even depression is different for women than men. Women suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), perinatal depression and perimenopausal depression. No disrespect to the male counterpart, but women sometimes need different treatments for conditions men will never endure.

Depression aside, women are also more likely to die after a heart attack. Diseases such as STIs or STDs have a much greater impact on women than men. The negative effects of alcohol are stronger in females, and even osteoarthritis is diagnosed more often in women.

For thousands of years, women have supported each other through these health issues, and aromatherapy using essential oils is a time-tested treatment. More than just wives’ tales, the science is finally catching up and proving what your grandmother always knew about healthy women.

Essential Oils Keep You Healthy

Knowing that essential oils can help your body accomplish great things naturally is the first step toward creating a long and healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to walk around in an aromatic cloud to enjoy the positive effects of natural essences. Here is a quick reference guide to common oils and what they can do for you:

  • Myrrh, ginger, oregano, lemon, frankincense, eucalyptus, and peppermint all boost your immune system!
  • Ginger oil is practically a super liquid, promoting healthy digestion by:
    • Relieving gas
    • Fighting constipation
    • Easing stomach pain
    • Reducing nausea
  • Peppermint oil is another great go-to for:
    • Providing relief from IBS symptoms
    • Giving an energy boost
    • Helping your concentrate, focus, and wake up when needed
    • Skin benefits too. Preliminary research on peppermint oil shows symptom relief for HSV-1 (cold sores and fever blisters).
  • Lavender oil, or lavender combined with a variety of other essences, helps induce restful sleep by reducing anxiety and relaxing the mind.
  • Geranium and rose oil promote healthy estrogen levels.
  • Juniper, fennel, and lemongrass also help digestive health.
  • Bergamot oil has calming properties but also has a promising future in the battle against high cholesterol and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). This is a good one for heart health, ladies!
  • Jasmine lifts your mood while increasing alertness
  • Jojoba oil, when used topically, accelerates healing of skin irritations and minor wounds. Found in cleansing masks and other products, jojoba will help combat acne too!
  • Tea tree oil is an antiseptic with antifungal properties as a bonus.

This list is by no means comprehensive, and essences are regularly researched for new applications. From keeping yourself away from the dangerous edge of depression to just letting your skin maintain a healthy glow, adding essential oils is cost-effective and soothing.

Above all else, essential oils have shown in study after study not to cause harm. They are aids during times of physical and emotional stress. Whether cramming for a test or preparing for delivery of a new baby, volatile oils are easy to obtain and use without worry.

Since aromatherapy oils are extremely safe, they are not regulated by the FDA. For those wonderfully inspired people, you have the option of creating your mixtures for best personal results.

Essential Oil Therapy during Menopause

Menopause is a complicated condition with symptoms far beyond hot flashes and mood swings. The hormonal changes can make you miserable mentally while affecting thyroid function and metabolism too. Essential oils provide support during menopause in many ways.

Some women’s sex life suffers greatly during and after menopause. Intercourse may be painful and desire significantly lower, placing additional stress on personal relationships. Lavender and neroli oil aromatherapies improved sexual function in a blind placebo study. In addition, the same study found a blend of lavender, fennel rose and geranium also had a positive impact on sexual health, meaning different combinations could have similar results without negatively interacting with medications.

Inhaling neroli oil not only improves sexual desire, but more research supports this volatile oil contributed to both lower stress levels and a reduction in blood pressure. Even pulse rate improved, implying there may be more benefits that research has shown thus far.

Sleep during menopause is fraught with night sweats and disrupted constantly. A study in 2013 of women using a topical valerian/lemon balm showed improvement in sleep patterns compared to menopausal women with the same sleep disorder who used a placebo.

Essential Oils Help During Cancer Therapy

The supportive care aromatherapy provides during cancer treatment improves a patient’s well-being and mental state. Relaxing the mind reduces both emotional stress and physical pain. The low toxicity of essential oils makes it a low-risk addition to a treatment regimen.

Ginger essence reduces nausea, a common side effect of chemotherapy. Oregano, lemon, or eucalyptus oils boost your immune system, helping your body fight disease and infection.

Don’t be hesitant to give your body what it needs to work better – naturally. Even healthy women benefit from the use of essential oils as a part of their daily routine in everything from skin care to sore muscles.

Instead of aerosol air fresheners with synthetic smells, try quiet diffusers to add gentle and soothing fragrances to your home. Finding beautiful and decorative ways to dispense your oils is easier than you think. Put a few drops in a hot to clear your mind and open your sinuses.

Fight off infections naturally by boosting your immune system without expensive medications that are hard on your kidneys and liver. Ease your digestion with soothing scents instead of chalky tasting briquettes. Living a more natural and healthy experience, both physically and emotionally, are just a deep breath away.

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