According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, men have higher risk factors than women regarding coronary disease, heart attack, renal (kidney) failure, and stroke. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is one concern with men’s health that increases risk factors for these conditions significantly. Men are also at a higher risk for sleep disorders and sexual dysfunction.

The healthy man knows his key to staying that way involves attention and maintenance. Having an exercise routine, monitoring diet for salt intake, and controlling stress factors all contribute toward a long and happy life. But can you do more? Absolutely!

Essential oils don’t have to make the room smell like a rose garden, and there is no need to sit drinking chamomile tea all evening to relax. Sore muscles? Instead of smelly ointments that burn your nasal passages, try a mild lavender or sandalwood oil to rub out those knots. Need a midday boost? Instead of popping yet another can of caffeine goes for a dose of peppermint oil.

Let go of the stereotypes about aromatherapy or holistic practices. You don’t have to spend a week at a vegan retreat to get a healthy digestive system or sit through hours of chanting to calm your mind. From battling a nasty cold to improving the mood in the bedroom, stand up for men’s health by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying some naturopathic solutions.

Maximize Your Exercise

Already have a solid exercise routine? Don’t get pumped up with artificial sweeteners or shot glasses of caffeine. You have other options! Muscles cramp when lacking oxygen, and lactic acids build up. Increase your efficiency for oxygen intake with a dose of peppermint oil instead.

Why does it work? The mint relaxes the smooth muscles in your nose, upping the ventilation and increasing the amount of oxygen reaching your brain. This means cognitive function and focus all benefit from the supplemental O2 and integrating peppermint oil into your water before that obstacle run can make a measurable difference.

Address Hypertension Naturally

There is proven research showing how the inhalation of essential oils impacts high blood pressure. After a short period of inhaling a lavender, ylang-ylang and neroli oil blend, measurable decreases in blood pressure and stress were both immediate and long-lasting.

Essential oils do not interact with other medications, so trying them on as a supplement to your blood pressure maintenance regimen can offer benefits without risk. Reducing hypertension also decreases the of risk stroke, coronary disease and sexual dysfunction in men.

Fight that Cold

Essential oils such as eucalyptus contribute to men health too. When applied to the skin, it serves as an antiseptic and bug repellent without the toxicity associated with pesticides (and it smells better too). It promotes the healing of minor wounds such as burns or cuts and works well in massage oil to help relieve from sprains. Like peppermint, it stimulates oxygen absorption and improves red blood cell function – helping you fight that cold faster and breathe easier.

Looking for a milder odor? Peppermint is also an expectorant, helping you eliminate phlegm, and its decongestant properties clear your mind and nose for a restful night of restorative sleep.

Lemon oil in high concentrations can irritate skin, but when added to a bath or humidifier, it stimulates your circulation and immune system to fight off germs.

Support Digestive Functions

Ginger oil is a super-powered contributor to men health. Not just a garnish for the plate, ginger oil comes from the root supports digestive health in many ways. It reduces gas and constipation by helping your organs work effectively and keep everything moving as nature intended.

Ginger alleviates vomiting and nausea while boosting your immunity against cancer and cardiovascular disease. It even helps stave off seasickness.

Peppermint also helps with indigestion – seeing a pattern yet?

Manage Your Pain and Stress

Bergamot oil has calming effects that help control mild mood disorders and anxiety, but it also helps your brain process pain, thereby reducing the sensation. In addition, bergamot studies correlate inhalation of the essential oil with a reduction in cholesterol and blood sugar.

Lavender hold many traits that mimic peppermint including clearing the mind and relaxing muscles, but instead of promoting energy it promotes quality sleep. Keeping your mind calm and clear also work backward, reducing blood pressure and stress on your heart.

Aromatherapy is even more effective when combined with treatments like massage or acupuncture. Both practices look at the body holistically and consider more than just physical well-being. They are looking at how to help your body move forward with discomfort and heal itself without harsh medications.

Ever been told to “walk it off” or to put the pain “out of your mind?” Well, support that by actually letting your mind relax and handle the pain without jumping to a bottle of pills every time. When used too often, even over the counter drugs will tear up the lining of your stomach and intestines, leading to uncomfortable tests or difficult medical procedures. Rotating your health strategies with natural oils is easier on your entire body and mind.

There is no need to walk around smelling like a perfume store when using essential oils and finding scents that compliment your day are convenient and usually less expensive than oral supplements. Inhaled essences work fast and don’t put you at risk.

When you are happy and have the energy to enjoy life, work and personal relationships improve too. Support your regular exercise routine with strategies to manage sore muscles afterward. Take five minutes to calm your mind before hitting the hay instead of staring at the television or cell phone for a better night’s rest. Proper sleep gives your body and minds the opportunity to process the day while preparing for the next with clarity and purpose.

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