Natural remedies bring the past and present together by offering a glimpse of the medicinal alternatives used by our ancestors, many of which continue to leave us astonished at the wonders of nature to this day. Using myrrh essential oil is just one way you can benefit from the many medicinal qualities of myrrh, which is a natural remedy that remains widely available for the treatment of many ailments. In this article, we will tell you why the resin gum from myrrh trees is so good for you and how you can incorporate their essential oil into your daily health routine.

What Is Myrrh Essential Oil?

Myrrh, or more precisely Commiphora myrrha, is a natural gum (resin) found in trees of the Commiphora genus, which are native to greater parts of Africa and the Middle East. This sap is orange and of a thick consistency. The essential oil extracted from the tree's gum offers a myriad of health benefits in an easy-to-use liquid that remains consistent in its form and offers a pleasant aroma. The many health benefits of myrrh resin have been well-known for millennia, making it a popular medicine for many ailments for thousands of years, and many also use it to make perfumes and incense.

Steam distillation draws the essential oil of myrrh from the tree resin after it gets collected from trees through shallow cuts in the trunk that allow the sap to secrete. Myrrh essential oil is one of the best examples we have of humans discovering the power of nature to heal, and advances in extraction methods have allowed for more production of the essential oil. Today, the combination of myrrh's history, efficacy, and its unique aroma has helped spread its use and production to every corner of the world. What makes myrrh essential oil so special? Let us tell you.


The fragrance of myrrh has been described through the ages as bittersweet with hints of earth and smoke. The name "myrrh" derives from the Arabic word "murr" which means bitter. The essential oil of myrrh keeps the characteristic aroma of the raw resin, and you can use it in various applications, concoctions, and health remedies. Its reputation is well-known in the world of aromatherapy, and once you have smelled the essential oil of myrrh yourself, you will not soon forget it!

From Then to Now

Myrrh is one of the most mentioned herbs in the Bible - it was even one of the three gifts presented to the infant Jesus by the Magi - and the Egyptians and Greeks used the resin and its essential oil extensively in religious ceremonies and to treat wounds. Using myrrh resin to perfume and purify the dead also dates back thousands of years. Its smoky and bittersweet aroma is unmistakable, and over the years, myrrh has come to symbolize one of the strongest connections between man and nature we have.

Widely Available

One of the greatest advantages the rich history of this amazing resin offers is that it has been well-known across the world for so many years, and therefore been produced, harvested, and used in various forms. Due to its many beneficial properties, myrrh is a popular remedy among patients ranging from young athletes to senior practitioners of natural medicine. Myrrh essential oil is one of the longest-running forms of alternative medicine available on the market, and it remains a vital source of health-boosting properties in the routines and diets of many.

Myrrh Essential Oil: Benefits

Myrrh essential oil is full of properties that benefit the entire health system. Myrrh has analgesic, expectorant, stimulant, antimicrobial, carminative, and antiseptic properties. The analgesic properties of myrrh help relax muscles and promote a soothing effect on the body that eases pain and tension. The expectorant qualities of myrrh help clear the nasal passages and help support a healthy respiratory system, and the antiseptic properties in the essential oil inhibit microbial growth to help prevent infections that can cause fevers and colds.

Digestive Properties

If the gut is the body's first brain, then myrrh essential oil is a smart choice for keeping it healthy. The carminative properties of myrrh prevent the build-up of gas in the gastrointestinal system, resulting in greater overall physical comfort and digestion. The stimulation of blood circulation allows for proper oxygen delivery to tissues in the stomach and intestines, which also facilitate digestion and keep things flowing smoothly.

Myrrh also promotes a healthy metabolic rate, and it has been used to support weight loss and improve one's nutrient absorption capabilities. Concoctions made with myrrh oil have also been used to treat parasites for thousands of years, and these remedies continue to be effective to this day.

A Potent Antioxidant

Antioxidants are always popular in the health-conscious community, and as many continue to search for the next big antioxidant source, myrrh has kept its place as one of the very best options on the market.

Antioxidants help combat and eliminate free radicals in the body, which cause a vast number of negative health problems such as premature aging, wrinkles, immune deficiencies, inflammation, cancer, and many other ailments. Free radical damage is at the center of many diseases and working to detoxify the body by any means necessary is where alternatives such as myrrh essential oil come in. From healthy skin to liver health, the potent antioxidant properties of this marvelous resin are many.

Myrrh Essential Oil: Uses

The long historical use, rich aroma, and many health benefits of myrrh essential oil have positioned it as a versatile alternative medicine. You can use the essential oil as mentioned before in the many concoctions, or you can also add myrrh essential oil to other skin care products you love to help prevent wrinkles, heal dry or cracked skin, and even treat more serious conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. You can also apply the essential oil of myrrh directly to your skin for an "anti-aging effect" that moisturizes the skin, keeps it looking healthy, radiant, and beautiful.


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People have used the essential oil of myrrh in aromatherapy for thousands of years for its relaxing properties, which promote a healthy nervous system and help calm a stressed body or mind. Often coupled with massages, myrrh essential oil helps relax the body and induces stability in the nervous system. There is also a spiritual connection when using the essential oil of myrrh in aromatherapy that has been touted since the days of ancient Egypt. Today, myrrh is used in aromatherapy as an antidepressant, as the sedative effects allow for both internal and external healing.

With such robust history, it is not surprising that myrrh essential oil is one of the leading oils used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is all about promoting the balance and harmony of the human body through the gift of nature, and the sap of the Commiphora genus tree lends life and spirit to our bodies and minds by allowing them to heal and restore clarity at various levels. Helping to achieve physical and emotional well-being is the goal of aromatherapy and based on all its qualities, myrrh essential oil is an excellent tool to achieve this delicate balance and heal both body and mind.

A Word to the Wise

Myrrh essential oil offers a wealth of benefits, and its widespread availability makes it even more well-known throughout the world, however, it's important to remember that just like with any other alternative medicines, you must measure the dose of the essential oil of myrrh carefully so you don't accidentally use too much.

You can inhale myrrh essential oil to ease respiratory conditions, ingest it to treat stomach or digestive issues, apply it to your skin as a topical ointment, or use it as a mouth rinse to help fight bacteria, but regardless of how you use it, it is important to understand and monitor how it affects you personally. Pregnant women are wise to not use the essential oil of myrrh during their term as the resin stimulates the uterus which could lead to a miscarriage.


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We hope this article has helped you better understand what myrrh essential oil is, why it has become so popular over the years, and how you can use it to treat both your body and mind. The past and present come together in myrrh essential oil, and we're convinced it will continue to have a major part to play in the world of alternative natural medicine in the years to come.

We believe the greatest gifts come from nature, and that if you're looking for an alternative that will not only help improve your health but also help you relax and promote both mental and physical healing, you need not look any further. However, while we think the many benefits and the rich history of the essential oil of myrrh should be more than enough to warrant your justification to try it, contact your primary doctor with questions and concerns.

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