When stress descends upon you, from work, or from life in general, it’s good to have a backup plan. A way to relax or calm down in difficult situations. Organic essential oils can help make that, and much more, happen for you. Are they right for you though? What exactly is an organic essential oil? How can it help you? Most importantly why should you try them?

Essential oils are made cleanly and there are so many different ways to use them. From working with oils that can lull you to sleep to working with oils that can lift your mood, there are a wide variety of dispersal methods as well. Many people swear by them, but are they really so great?

What Are Organic Essential Oils?

Organic essential oils, derived from plants specifically that have been grown organically. With no pesticides, GMO, or synthetic fertilizers, making them relatively pure. Made by steaming and collecting the liquids essential oils have a wide variety of uses. Usually bottled in dark bottles, you can find them in almost any superstore, or specialized health stores.

Organic vs Non-organic

There is a pretty big difference between organic and non-organic essential oils. Organic essential oils are made with carefully grown plants and methods, ensuring that they stay organic. There are no pesticides that may wander into the oils, no synthetic fertilizers and no genetic modification. This is appealing because of the clean revolution occurring with beauty and health products.

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Organic essential oils originate from derivatives of organic plants. Regulated under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) companies have to meet specific standards for their products to be considered organic.

Non-organic plants are completely different and make non-organic oils. Which is perfectly fine, considering that there are still rules and regulations with making non-organic essential oils. Non-organics though don’t have to be grown without synthetic fertilizer or pesticides. Some plants contain natural pesticides, so they wouldn't be sprayed, but most could be and sometimes are.

Who Needs Organic Essential Oils?

Though using organic essential oils isn't a need in the basic sense of the word. Many people have come to rely on them on a regular basis. The most common use for organic essential oils happens to be aromatherapy. Essential oils are great for stress relief. Several scents, like lavender and peppermint, have a calming nature to them. This makes essential oils great for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Though they will never be a substitute for getting assistance from a medical professional. Essential oils can help you relax or calm down in stressful situations or help you feel better when you're feeling low. That's not all they can help with.

People tend to connect smells to different memories, which makes using essential oils wonderful for memory recall. There are additional uses such as for minor aches and pains, headaches included. They can even help lull you to sleep. Note that you should always ensure you're using the right essential oil for the job. Ensure that you talk to your doctor before using any essential oils.

When You Should Avoid Them

If you're planning to be in direct sunlight, if you have pets, or are pregnant it may not be safe to use essential oils. If you use some oils in direct sunlight, especially without diluting them, you can acquire serious burns that may require medical attention.

It's also incredibly important to be careful with your essential oils when it comes to your pets. There are a wide variety of oils that can be seriously harmful to your pets, and may even end up killing them. Thankfully there are also several kinds of oils, depending on if you have a cat or dog, that can be beneficial to them. Talk to your vet to figure out more in-depth information about essential oils and your pets.

When it comes to pregnancy using essential oils in your first trimester is a huge no-no. Your baby isn't developed enough to handle them, but in your second and third trimester, a few are okay to use. Weigh your options carefully and consult with your doctor if you're thinking about using essential oils during your pregnancy. It doesn't matter if they're organic or not, you should always consult your doctor.

How To Use Organic Essential Oils

There are a few ways to use organic essential oils. The most common ways are either by using carrier oils or diffusers. Both are very different methods, dispersing the scent in very different ways. You can either use essential oils topically on the skin or disperse it about a room safely and efficiently. Both methods are great ways to weave organic essential oils into your life; you may favor one over the other. Let's take a look at what each one provides and how they can help you.

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are incredibly important if you're planning on using organic essential oils directly on your skin. Using them directly can be massively helpful especially when relieving pains. Using them directly though can cause serious irritation and a burning sensation. Carrier oils are oils that dilute the essential oil a little, rendering it safe for your skin. Usually, carrier oils are fatty vegetable oils. The most popular carrier oil is coconut oil. You can buy it in both solid and liquid form, warmed and used with a variety of essential oils.


It's imperative to look at your potential carrier oils in depth; they aren't unscented. They can also provide a variety of effects to you and your body. For example, you don't want to mix a carrier oil that helps you stay awake and focused, with essential oils that lull you to sleep. Pair up your essential oils with the appropriate carrier oils to ensure you get the result that you want.


Diffusers are a completely different way to indulge in organic essential oils. Once you have purchased your diffuser, you'll follow the instructions for that specific diffuser to load the organic essential oil. Once it's loaded and plugged in all you have to do is sit back and relax. The diffuser will have your home smelling great in no time and that isn't the only upside. Remember though that carrier oils aren't good for the mechanics of the diffusers. The diffuser will aerate the direct oil. Which can cause some difficulties with animals, so double check with a vet to ensure your pets are safe.


There are a wide variety of diffusers on the market; the only downside is that you can't take the diffusers with you in most cases. Carrier oils blended with your organic essential oils are more portable. While diffusers are best for delivering a constant smell at home. Either one is a great method for incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle.

Why Should You Use Organic Essential Oils?

Essential oils are an excellent addition to almost any lifestyle, but why should you lean toward the organic versions? With genetically modified plant life everywhere it feels overwhelming like we're not even allowed to eat what we want. Thankfully organic essential oils aren't genetically modified. GMO food doesn't have any current apparent downfalls scientifically, just some people that don't like the idea. On the other hand, we also haven't been providing genetically altered foods and products to the market for very long. So long-term side effects haven't made themselves clear.

The second reason you should pick organic essential oils is that there is nothing unnatural in them. Organic products only use natural fertilizers and pesticides ensuring there will be no contamination from unnatural sources. Therefore there won't be any traces of pesticides or fertilizers that weasel their way into your oils.

Another reason you should look into the organic variety instead of the non-organic variety is that there are rules. Companies must follow regulations, ensuring nothing but sweet mother nature gets into the oils. Otherwise, you wouldn't know what was or wasn't truly organic. From the capabilities of organic essential oils, nature seems to know what it's doing, and though the differences in the oil itself are small. The quality of organic oils seems to surpass them.

Check With Your Doctor

Firstly you should talk to your doctor, and vet if you have any pets. Check to ensure any oils that interest you don't end up being potentially harmful to you or them. Everyone should check with their doctor, just to be sure that there are no unwanted effects. From there you can either start looking at carrier oils, diffusers, and the organic essential oils themselves.

Start Experimenting

Take your life from stressful to stress-free with some of these oils. Sleep better or rid yourself of aches and pains. Organic essential oils can help with everything from unwinding after a long day. Which helps relieve stress, the worst you could do is give them a try to see if they work for you.

Once you find the right one, you'll wonder where it's been your whole life.

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