Essential oil blends have gained in popularity. Recently, many are turning towards the combinations for the benefits they provide.

Reasons for Popularity

Essential oils blends can produce some health benefits. More specifically the medicinal relief properties.

Additionally, essential oils have been known to provide local relief. Specific oil blends can be applied directly to the skin. These favorite blends are combined to assist in skin irritations.

Essential oil blends have also gained in popularity because they’re natural. Essential oil blends are an all-natural solution to costly medical alternatives.

These solutions are also popular because of their environmentally friendly properties. Many people are turning towards essential oil blends as a way of reducing their environmental footprint.

Essential oil blends require fewer resources to source. Right when compared to cleaning solutions. Or other alternatives.

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Healing Properties

Some of the most popular essential oil blends have healing properties. These blends are common in spas. Especially so during massages. As well, during specialty treatments.


Healing oil blends that are favorites often include lavender. Lavender is a commonly used scent. Because it is widely accessible. Lavender is typically in perfumes. In addition to its favorite scent, lavender has soothing effects. This scent has been used to soothe the senses.

When used for its soothing properties lavender blends often include other calming scents. These are often chamomile or vanilla.

Floral Blends

Favorite blends often include a mix of floral notes.  A floral note that mixes well with others vanilla. Vanillas is another favorite scent. Vanilla is commonly essential oil blends.

Vanilla is a favorite blend for its versatility. Vanilla can mix with a variety of notes.


Another familiar, essential oil blend is citrus blends. These blends tend to combine two to three oils. Often, combining oils based in citrus fruits. As well as citrus scents.

Citrus blends are standard because of their energizing scents. These scents are familiar with household products.

Citrus blends of essential oils can be used in many ways. One of the most common ways to use a citrus blend of essential oils is to burn it.

This is a general way to enjoy the essential oil blend of citrus. The aroma will quickly fill an ample space. Often, these scents are in the household. As well as in office settings.

In addition to creating an uplifting aroma. The scents are also very long lasting. It is because of this that they make for a popular choice.

Some of the most common oils in these blends is lemon. In addition to lemon, grapefruit oil is another popular citrus choice.

The scent of the citrus oil is a favorite amongst the public to use in the morning. This is because of the invigorating effect. The aroma is awakening and is pleasant to have applied to the skin.

As well, the citric acid that is in the oil can benefit the skin. Because it works as a cleansing agent. This cleansing agent will balance the skin tone. As such it makes it a favorite to include in a blend.


Additionally, mint oil blends are a popular choice. Just like citrus oils, peppermint provides its users with an invigorating aroma. This aroma results in an energizing scent.

Minty oil blends are another top choice amongst the public. This leaves a lasting aroma. As well, the smell is refreshing.

Oil blends that mixes with mint can also provide local relief. To have the oils work, people should apply the mixture directly to the skin. The oil blend is rubbed it into the skin. Then, it is absorbed into the pores. Once consumed, minty blends tend to feel cool on the surface.

This limited relief comes from the mint proving cooling properties. As well, it commonly used in medical creams. It aids with aching muscles. In turn, making it a common choice amongst athletes. Athletes use minty oil blends to soothe their tired muscles.

The most common blends that are mint based involve peppermint. Peppermint is an invigorating scent. As well, it provides its users with cooling properties.

Peppermint is also versatile sent. This contrasting blend often includes lavender. Lavender is a soothing scent. The oil blend offers users a unique scent.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another essential oil that is widely popular. Many traditional blends use tea tree oil as its base.

Tea tree oil blends have refreshing agents. Combinations of these oils are frequent for skin care treatments.

Tea tree oil is an anti-bacterial product. Meaning, it can be applied to areas that are in need of a disinfectant. This oil is a top choice to use as a skin wash or for skin care.

This oil is often combined with citrus oils. A commonly used blend for skin care relief is tea tree and lemon oil. This blend produces a highly invigorating scent.

In addition to the aroma, there are many local properties to this blend. It is placed in a spray bottle. Once in the bottle, it can then be sprayed directly onto the skin. Then it can be rubbed into problem areas.


Another favorite oil blend uses a base of frankincense essential oil. This oil has been used for many years throughout history. As such, it is often used as a base in favorite oil blends.

Frankincense combines with woody scents. The result is an earthy aroma. For example, being mixed with cedarwood.

This aroma smells while burning. The scent is calming. Therefore, this favorite blend is used in yoga studies. As well as spas and salons. 

The most popular essential oil blends have healing properties. The most popular way to utilize oil blends is topical. As the common element is, citric acid. This s because the oil can benefit the skin.

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