Have you ever had a soothing glass of chamomile tea? People all over the world use Roman chamomile to soothe things like nausea and help relax the mind. Roman chamomile essential oil is just as effective, if not more effective, because of its concentration. It is one of the most versatile essential oils and can be used to help almost every system in the human body. Roman chamomile isn't just for adults, it is safe enough for children to use. This powerful essential oil should be in the household of every family because of the amazing uses and benefits it has.

Whether you struggle with digestion, anxiety, or arthritis pain, there is likely something you can use Roman chamomile essential oil for. You can use it topically, internally, and it can safely be inhaled. In this article, you will learn what exactly Roman chamomile is, what the main uses are, and the benefits you can get by using it.

What Is Roman Chamomile?

Roman Chamomile is a type of flower that can be made into an essential oil. It provides many benefits for your entire body. If you have ever tried chamomile tea, then you are familiar with the relaxing and calming effect of chamomile.

Roman chamomile is one of the most used and documented medicinal plants worldwide. Roman chamomile essential oil comes from the flowers on the plant, Roman chamomile. It is steam-distilled from the flowers and has a sweet, fruity aroma similar to an apple. Once it is distilled, it turns into a deep green or blue color but turns to a dark yellow after being stored over time. Despite the color change, Roman chamomile essential oil doesn't lose its potency.

What Are The Main Uses Of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil?

Roman chamomile can aid in symptoms that occur in just about every system in the human body. It can be applied topically, inhaled, or consumed depending on which benefits you are looking to achieve. Below are the main uses of Roman chamomile essential oil.

roman chamomile essential oil

Digestive System

There are many chamomile blends that aid with digestion. Roman chamomile can be used to ease digestive issues such as diarrhea, colitis, IBS, gas, and indigestion. Because of its soothing qualities, it can help relieve nausea as well.


Respiratory System

When inhaled, chamomile essential oil can be very effective in helping respiratory problems. It can be beneficial when added to an inhaler for bronchitis, a cough, or the flu. It is also a great oil for asthma.


Reproductive System

If you struggle with PMS during your cycle, adding a few drops of Roman chamomile essential oil on your belly can relieve cramps. It can also be used for other painful areas associated with reproductive pain such as headaches or backaches. 


Nervous System

Roman chamomile has a soothing effect and can help calm the nervous system. It has antidepressant qualities and can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Once inhaled, it is transported directly to your brain bringing you a sense of peace almost immediately.


Integumentary (Skin) System

If you have dry skin, Roman chamomile essential oil will soothe it. You can use it for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, herpes, and allergies. It is great for those with sensitive skin too, and even on babies with a diaper rash.


Immune System

Roman chamomile can help stimulate the production of white corpuscles, which fight infections.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil?

Roman chamomile has so many benefits for nearly any symptoms you may be experiencing. Below are the main benefits of using Roman chamomile essential oil, as well as how to use it for maximum benefit.

roman chamomile

Digestion Help

woman's stomach

Roman chamomile is a great natural remedy to help with digestion and is known to help soothe problems associated with digestion. It has anodyne compounds that are antispasmodic, meaning Roman chamomile oil can help with muscle spasms - including that of the stomach or bowel muscles. Because of this, it can be used to relieve issues like gas, acid reflux, diarrhea, indigestion, and vomiting. When consuming Roman chamomile, it can help your stomach muscles relax allowing food to move through your stomach easily. To use, apply 2-4 drops topically to the abdomen or dilute in coconut oil or another carrier oil in low doses.

Allergy Relief

allergy on the arm

If you struggle with seasonal allergies, it may be beneficial to try out Roman Chamomile essential oil for relief. Roman Chamomile has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help to relieve allergy symptoms. It is commonly used for hay fever and is strong enough to break up mucus congestion and reduce the swelling that is associated with seasonal allergies. To use, diffuse 2-3 drops into an essential oil infuser or inhale directly from the bottle. You can also apply a couple drops topically to skin irritations from food allergies. 


Fights Anxiety And Depression

depressed woman

Many Americans struggle with anxiety, depression, or stress at some point, if not multiple points, in their lives. Using Roman chamomile essential oil can help you feel a sense of calm and even relieve stress. The best way to use Roman chamomile for stress is inhaling it or placing a couple drops in an essential oil diffuser. Once you inhale it, the scent is carried to your brain and brings feelings of relaxation. Roman chamomile is used all over the world to help with mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. To use, just add 4-5 drops to an essential oil diffuser or inhale it from the bottle.


Fights Insomnia

woman with insomnia

If you have insomnia, struggle with falling asleep, or struggle with staying asleep, then using Roman chamomile may help. With the calming effects of Roman chamomile, it can be used to help reduce symptoms of insomnia. Inhaling Roman chamomile can help reduce stress levels, increase calmness, and bring on feelings of drowsiness. There have been studies done on rats that show a decrease in time taken to fall asleep once inhaled. To use, rub a couple drops onto your temples or inhale directly from the bottle.


Alleviates PMS Symptoms

woman with PMS pain

If you are a woman who gets PMS symptoms such as cramping, headaches, or mood swings, Roman chamomile can reduce them. Being a natural mood booster that helps with anxiety and depression, it can help level out mood swings or hormone-related stress. It has antispasmodic properties that can soothe menstrual cramping, headaches, and even back pain. If you have hormonal acne, placing Roman chamomile essential oil can help to clear that up as well. To use, rub 2-3 drops onto the affected areas.


Can Relieve Arthritic Pain

arthritic pain in the hand

According to a study conducted on human participants, essential oils such as the Roman chamomile essential oil can penetrate the deep layers of the skin. This is amazing news to anyone who suffers from arthritic pain because you just need to rub a little Roman chamomile to reduce joint pain. Those suffering from arthritis can add a few drops to bathwater or apply directly to the skin to minimize pain in the lower back, hands, knees, and other problem areas. To use, rub 2-3 drops onto the affected areas.

Promotes a Healthy Heart

healthy heart

Roman chamomile has high levels of flavonoids that significantly reduce the chance of coronary heart disease when ingested. The flavonoids present in Roman chamomile can lower heart pressure and help relax the heart. To use, apply a couple drops directly to the heart or ingest sublingually. 


Boosts Skin Health

woman with good skin

Because of Roman chamomile's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it can be used to promote healthy skin as well as relieve irritations. It can be used for a variety of skin issues such as eczema, wounds, ulcers, acne, gout, bruises, burns, and canker cores. Not only that, but it can even be used for problems like eye infections, chicken pox, poison ivy, and diaper rash. To use, apply 2-3 drops to a cotton ball and rub on the affected areas. You could also add 4-5 drops to a face wash.


Helps Babies With Colic

crying baby

Roman chamomile's soothing qualities do not only work on adults but can be used for children as well. It has been used for years all over the world to calm crying children and even babies with colic. It has even been called the “kid calmer” because it helps to calm down children with ADD and ADHD. Because it can be safely used for babies, you can use it for other issues as well such as diarrhea, upset stomachs, and rashes. To use, mix a couple drops in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or diffuse in an essential oil diffuser.


Roman chamomile essential oil comes from the Roman chamomile flower and is compressed to make one of the most versatile essential oils there is. Not only can adults use it for a variety of issues, but it is safe enough use on infants as well. It can be inhaled, applied topically, and ingested depending on what benefits you are looking to gain from it. The benefits are seemingly never-ending, but a few include digestion health, anxiety relief, allergy relief, and pain relief. If you do not already have some of this oil at your home, it may be helpful to have a bottle around. Just about anyone can benefit from Roman chamomile.

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