Many people have wondered about thyme essential oil. Where does it come from? How has it been traditionally used? How can we use it today? We answered these questions and would love to spread our knowledge of thyme essential oil to you.

The History of Thyme Essential Oil

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Thyme Takes Over Europe

Thyme has been used by humans since at least the Ancient Egyptians, but probably our use of this herb predates history. The Ancient Egyptians used thyme in their embalming rituals. In this way, thyme served both as a perfuming agent and a ward against evil magical influences. The ancient Greeks loved putting thyme in their baths. They additionally would burn thyme as incense in their temples, where it was thought to be a source of courage.

After the Greeks, the Romans embraced thyme. Like the Greeks, the Romans enjoyed the pleasing aroma of thyme and thought that it could purify a given room of evil spirits. This is especially useful if you are conquering Europe where many rooms would be thought to house spirits that are unfriendly to invaders. But the Romans began using their thyme and thyme essential oils for new purposes as well. The Romans used thyme to flavor their cheeses and their liqueurs. Thyme granted an extra level of aroma to their favorite dishes.

By the time that thyme essential oil had become common in Europe, the herb was used to ward away nightmares and to help individuals get a good night’s sleep. Thyme became an essential part of the bouquets that women would traditionally give to knights and warriors. The reputation for thyme essential oil granting courage carried through from the Greeks to the rest of Middle Age Europe.

At this time, thyme was occasionally placed in coffins during funerals or burned for the benefit of the recently deceased. This was thought to ensure passage into the next life. This may grant us a clue as to why the Ancient Egyptians used thyme in their own burial rituals.

Thyme Takes Over the World

Thyme is summer seasonal. However, it grows well in greenhouses, being small and generally hardy. That means that fresh thyme can be purchased almost whenever in the modern era. With the advent of industrialization, large amounts of thyme could be harvested and pressed into an essential oil.

Because there are so many uses of thyme essential oil, this product quickly became a favorite of naturopaths and industrialists alike. A compound found in thyme essential oil is actually the antiseptic agent in mouthwashes like Listerine.

The Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil

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Increased Circulation

If you suffer from decreased circulation from issues such as lethargy or smoking, then thyme essential oil actually might be able to help. Of course, this is no substitute for treatment for more serious conditions, but the oil does help in some cases.

Increased blood flow from increased circulation can improve healing in general, increasing oxygenation. This can help lower chances of blood clots and other heart issues. Of course, you need to be eating right and exercising!

Helps to Boost Your Immune System

Thyme essential oil contains volatile components such as camphene and alpha-pinene. This helps the oil evaporate well and spread its aroma throughout a given room, but it also helps to stimulate and therefore strengthen your immune system. In addition, these volatile compounds confer their antibacterial and antifungal properties to your body to help fight off infections.

You can gain these benefits both outside your body and within it. Thyme essential oil has been shown to help protect your mucous membranes, your gut, and your respiratory system. Since thyme essential oil also contains antioxidant properties, it will help reduce the damage that free radicals can cause.


One of the better-known uses of thyme oil is cicatrizant. What is cicatrizant, you might ask? Well, cicatrizant is the property that helps to reduce scars, pockmarks, and stretch marks on your body. This is another downstream effect of the increase in blood flow. If you have any less than ideal places on your body where life has marked you, then thyme essential oil is here to help.

Skin Care

Other downstream effects of increasing blood flow include general care for your skin. Yes, thyme essential oil is good for preventing scarring, but it is also good to help minimize inflation from acne, moisturize your skin, and decrease inflammation.

While we cannot promise that thyme essential oil is going to knock 10 years off your age, it will help with general signs of aging. So go ahead and lather up some oil around those crows feet and also on your real feet.


Spasms are not very fun to live with. Many people suffer cramps, coughing, and aches that result from spasming. Luckily, thyme essential oil has antispasmodic qualities. Many people that have involuntary tics and spasms use the aroma of thyme to soothe their involuntary movements. If your body is leaving you sore because it moves when you don’t want it to, try using the aromatherapeutic qualities of thyme.

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Antirheumatic Medicine and More!

Rheumatism, arthritis, and gout have two things in common: improper circulation and increased toxins. It just so happens that thyme essential oil can help with both of these issues. The oil is a diuretic, meaning it will flush out the water in your system. Alcohol is an example of a diuretic. This process from the oil can help to rid your body of the toxins associated with the aforementioned illnesses.

Secondly, thyme essential oil is a stimulant that activates blood flow in your system, helping with the issues of decreased circulation.

As an added benefit, the oil can have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to decrease pain caused by inflammation. This is due to the compound thymol in the oil. Some varieties of the essential oil can have up to 70% of this helpful compound.

While this essential oil cure will not completely fix all your problems, it can be a very essential part of a group of preventive and aid measures.

Killing Machine for Bacteria

Like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and garlic ‚ÄĒ a few of our favorite home remedies and cure-alls ‚ÄĒ thyme essential oil has antibacterial qualities. The compounds in thyme that make it so successful at killing bacteria are caryophyllene and camphene.

These compounds work both in and out of the body. If you are having trouble keeping a wound clean or a bug out of your intestines, then thyme essential oil is here to help with both.

An All-Around Toning Tonic

We could hardly believe it when we read that thyme essential oil works as a ‚Äútune up‚ÄĚ for your circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal, and digestive systems. But the evidence is there. Some may claim that these boosting properties sound like snake oil. It’s not. It’s thyme essential oil.

Promotes Heart Health

Heart troubles are the number one natural killer of human beings today. Many doctors speculate that what gets written down¬†as ‚Äúheart failure‚ÄĚ or a ‚Äúheart attack‚ÄĚ was really¬†just a very slow, very long term poisoning of stress. Luckily, thyme essential oil will help to lower your levels of stress, which can help to stave off heart troubles down the line.

Inhaling or ingesting safe levels of thyme essential oil will help relax your arteries and veins, placing less stress on the heart. It has also been shown to strengthen cardiac muscles and help tone up the heart. Many parts of the heart and the circulatory system in general benefit from thyme essential oil.

A Nice Carminative

Gas is not a very pleasant subject. But it is not just a foul-smelling problem. Too much gas built up in your body can rob you of sleep, it can mess with your appetite, it can even raise your blood pressure and give you cramps. If you feel too bloated with gas, you might want to try out the carminative properties of thyme essential oil. It will help you remove unwanted gas through the usual channels. It will even help to prevent the gas from building back up so quickly.

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Urination Stimulant

While we’re on the more ‚Äúbase‚ÄĚ benefits of thyme essential oil, let us mention that it helps to stimulate urination. This may not immediately seem like a benefit, as coffee and beer tend to¬†do the same thing. However, thyme essential oil has been shown to be effective in removing excess water, salts, and even toxins from the body through urination. People who are having trouble urinating should try out thyme to see if that helps.


Okay, so you have a cold. Well, thyme essential oil can help with that too! When dealing with a common cold or cough, thyme essential oil can help as an expectorant, speeding up your healing process. Thyme essential oil can relieve congestion in the head and the chest.

Blood Pressure Regulator

Some people think of raising blood pressure as a bad thing. Certainly, there are situations in which you do not want your blood pressure too high. But thyme essential oil can be used to normalize blood pressure that is too low. If your blood pressure is too low, you can fall unconscious and will often feel sluggish. Maybe the Ancient Greeks were not too far off in believing that thyme gave you courage.

Energy Booster

Thyme essential oil provides stimulation to the circulation and a metabolic boost to the whole body. When these forces combine, they produce a palpable energy boost. Many people who suffer from mid-day fatigue have found that thyme essential oil perks them right up. If you find yourself longing for a nap in the afternoon, try dabbing your wrists and your neck with some thyme essential oil. You might be surprised just how much get-up-and-go you will experience.

We have also found that thyme essential oil is becoming a favorite of college students who need to spend the night cramming information before their exams. If you find yourself spending too much money on caffeine pills and monster energy drinks, try a bottle of thyme essential oil instead. A few drops ought to do you!

Detoxify the Body

Antioxidant and detoxifying effecting of thyme essential oil are due to the active ingredient of linalool. It is totally natural and safe. It can help to regenerate your liver and stimulate healing. So this is a great cure-all use of thyme essential oil. After a few too many beers the night before, look for your essential oil for a bit of natural relief.

Anxiolytic Relief

Do you suffer from panic attacks or wakeful nights? If so, thyme essential oil might be able to help with your anxiety. It can lower stress along with your blood pressure. Take a few dabs of oil around your temples, wrists, and chest. Breath deep. You will be fine.

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Bechic Cure

If you have been suffering from a cough for longer than a few months, then the answer might be as simple as thyme essential oil. Due to some of its natural properties like increased circulation and its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory nature, you have many bases covered for keeping you out of the sick house.


Worms hate thyme essential oil. If you have a hook, round, or ringworm then it is worth a try. If the condition does not clear up sooner rather than later, then you should seek help from a medical professional.

Natural Insecticide

Thyme essential oil is not just good for keeping bacterial bugs out of the wrong places; it can also help to keep aphids away from your tomato plants. It is also safe to use on yourself when you want to go camping and stay away from mosquitoes. It smells a lot better than citronella, another natural insecticide.

Final Thoughts

Thyme essential oil is among the best plant essences to have at your disposal. It is stimulating, it is a whole-body tonic, and it is a great antiseptic. We would place this as a top tier oil right alongside spearmint essential oil, the excellent blue tansy essential oil, and even the legendary palo santo essential oil.

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