Finding a medication that won’t cause side effects is almost impossible. Luckily, vetiver essential oil provides relief to numerous health issues without the risks associated with many pharmaceuticals. When most people think of essential oils, they might automatically associate them with fragrances. However, they can do a lot more than make a room smell nice. Thanks to the rediscovery of ancient herbs, we can once again use them to treat specific ailments naturally.

If you’re suffering from menstrual cramps, mental fatigue, ance, stiff joints, tendonitis and other ailments, there is a solution. The good news is, vetiver has been around for centuries, and its healing abilities are well known. Therefore, you can feel comfortable with using it for your health. Adding vetiver essential oil into your medicine cabinet is the first step towards holistic treatment and pain relief.

Where Does Vetiver Essential Oil Come From?

Vetiver essential oil comes from a perennial grass plant’s roots that’s native to India. The flowers on the plant are brownish-purple in color, and the¬†aroma of the oil has a smokey, woody, and spicey type of smell. The vetiver plant has long stems and can grow up to almost¬†five feet tall. It originated¬†in India, but it’s popular in other tropical regions as well. It dates back to the 12th century, and it was considered a luxury¬†item.


Uses For The Oil

Vetiver, primarily used for soaps, perfumes, air fresheners, and some cosmetics, also acts as a flavoring agent for beverages, sorbets, and other food products. However, vetiver essential oil is most well known for its therapeutic effect, and its ability to calm the mind and body. It also works as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, and a sedative for your nervous system.

Overall Price Range

Vetiver is a powerful yet affordable method of treatment. You can expect to pay between $10 and $20, but the price will vary depending on the brand and the size. This essential oil is available at most local health food stores and on websites like Amazon.

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The Benefits Of Vetiver Essential Oil

There are a ton of benefits to using vetiver. It’s a multi-faceted essential oil that comes in handy for numerous¬†ailments.


The soothing effects of vetiver help to calm inflammation. It works exceptionally well to reduce inflammation in the circulatory and nervous system. The oil also treats symptoms caused by sunstroke, dehydration, and rheumatoid arthritis.


ADHD is becoming more prominent amongst children and some adults. Vetiver can treat the symptoms of ADHD without the risks associated with stimulant medications. The good thing is, vetiver is easy to carry around, and there are several ways of using it while on the go. It can be applied topically or inhaled through the nose. If you want to use it as aromatherapy, just add a few drops of vetiver into a diffuser. The oil has been known to calm the behavior of children and help them have a better attention span.


Vetiver essential oil helps to speed up the disappearance of scars and other marks on your skin. It also stimulates the growth of new tissues around the affected areas, which are often dark and discolored. The oil is a great healing agent for bruises, stretch marks, acne scars, and burns.

arm with scar

Bug Repellent

This oil works as an excellent repellant against¬†ticks and termites.¬†Studies have shown that vetiver decreased termite tunnel activity down to five micrograms. Furthermore, you can make a DIY spray for ticks. Add a few drops into a small bottle with water and spray it directly onto your dog’s fur.

Stress And Anxiety

Vetiver essential oil contains nervine properties. It can help heal the damage caused by stress, shock, and anxiety. You can also use it to decrease irritability and anger. If you have emotional stress, breathing in the oil can calm you down and aid in treating mental fatigue and insomnia.


Vetiver might have the antioxidant levels to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Since treatment with chemotherapy is so harsh, researchers constantly look for other ways of counteracting the therapy using medicines and even holistic therapies. Taking vetiver orally can slow down the damage to your DNA, kidneys, and marrow. You can also use the oil topically and as a form of aromatherapy to help soothe the side-effects of chemo.

Air Freshener

Vetiver is known for its unique aroma, and its scent can help to eliminate odors. You can use it to get rid of the smells caused by tobacco and cooking.

Vetiver Essential Oil Recipes

Vetiver goes through a strenuous process to get the oil, and some manufacturers will dilute the potency will less expensive oils to reduce production cost. So when you buy the oil from retailers, make sure it’s 100 percent authentic. When you have it, you can put together different remedies for various uses.

Arthritis Recipe

Blend four drops of frankincense, three drops of marjoram, two drops of rosemary, and two drops of vetiver into a one-ounce bottle of a carrier oil. You can use it to rub on the painful area when you’re having arthritis symptoms.

Fighting Arthritis

Tmj Recipe

Mix four drops of helichrysum, three drops of white fir, and two drops of vetiver in a one-ounce bottle of carrier oil. Massage it into your jaw muscles throughout the day and at night.

Injury Recipe

Mix four drops of vetiver, three drops of lavender, and two drops of bergamot into a one-ounce bottle of carrier oil. Rub wherever you have an injury.

Various Ways Of Using Vetiver

Now that you know the benefits of vetiver essential oil, you need to understand the many different ways you can use it. The oil by itself is a bit potent, so it’s best to mix it with a carrier oil. Once you’ve done that, the mix works well for massage therapy. You can use the blend to promote relaxation and enhance circulation. It can help the appearance of your skin and reduce the look of stretch marks.

Secondly, if you have a diffuser, you can put a few drops of vetiver into it. The aroma will help to calm your mind and ease anxiety. You can also add some into a bath to soothe aching muscles.

Lastly, you can put a small amount of oil on your wrist or neck, similar to how you would put on perfume or cologne. Smelling the oil all day will give you a relaxed feeling. Also, it works as a great moisturizer. Add in a couple of drops to coconut oil to apply to your face after washing.

Is Vetiver Safe To Use?

Vetiver is pretty safe to use, but there should be some precautions. If you decide to take vetiver orally, be sure to consult your doctor first. This information here is not medical advice. However, the oil is likely to take in small doses. But there are warnings for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It not safe to use vetiver while pregnant because it could cause a miscarriage. And if you’re breastfeeding the possible side effects,¬†it might have on your infant are unknown.

Do You Think Vetiver Is Right For You?

If you’re looking for a natural way to ease some of your ailments, vetiver essential oil is a great option to use. The upside is, you don’t have to turn to harsh medications to alleviate your symptoms. Furthermore, there are little to no side effects to using the oil. Again, just make sure you buy the best quality vetiver, and always talk to your doctor before using any essential oils. Mother nature has provided this incredible remedy, and the benefits are absolutely amazing. You can’t go wrong with incorporating it into your health regimen. There’s no doubt that vetiver will provide the relief you need to feel healthy and whole.

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