Essential oils are no new fad. They've been used for centuries, and for good reason. From eucalyptus to cyprus, to our topic, ylang ylang, these oils offer a range of benefits. Ylang ylang essential oil especially fits the bill for your aromatherapy needs. That's right, this product's aroma is unbeatable, as is its natural healing power. Ylang ylang essential oil sets itself apart from other products in its class by offering some unique perks. And we should be able to find out that soon!

Even so, did you know this wonder oil is pronounced a bit differently from what you might be thinking? That's right; you pronounce it like "EE-lang EE-lang." Yet, knowing that isn't enough. Sit tight because you are about to get immersed in the marvels of the ylang ylang essential oil. Let's dive right in.

How The "Ylang Ylang" Name Came To Be

Ever wondered how this strange name came to be? Well, ylang ylang comes from the word "ilang," which simply means wilderness. Ilang is a word in Philippine's Tagalog language -- the Philippines is one of the Asian countries where the ylang ylang tree grows. It's no wonder, therefore, that the country is responsible for the tree's name. We hope this explanation helps shed some light on this unique name -- ylang ylang.

What Is Ylang Ylang Essential Oil?

Known scientifically as Cananga Odorata, ylang ylang essential oil has its roots in Asia, with countries like Indonesia and Malaysia receiving the credit. The plant grows well in acidic soils, like those found in Comoros Islands and Madagascar. The ylang ylang tree bears fruits, which are easy food for the birds. It bears flowers, too, which serve as a raw product for ylang ylang essential oil.

The flowers are steam-distilled, giving rise to ylang ylang essential oil. Note that there are different grades of this product; the purest being the "extra."

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: The Benefits

Even with a weird name, ylang ylang essential oil is useful in many ways. Over the years, people have relied on it for medicinal benefits, which are the reason it works so well in aromatherapy. The oil is also a key ingredient in most beauty products, soaps, and perfumes. Moreover, it's an active ingredient in air fresheners due to its unique fragrance. Let's quickly dig into some of the product's health benefits.

It's An Antiseptic

Just in case you had no idea, ylang ylang essential oil works as an antiseptic. It inhibits the growth of microbes on septic wounds, in addition to speeding up the healing process. Therefore, ylang ylang essential oil serves as a good first aid ointment. Which is a plus, considering that this product doesn't have any side effects when used well and in the right amounts.

Helps Enhance Your Sex Life

If you're looking to boost your sex life, look no further than ylang ylang essential oil. Thanks to its aphrodisiac properties, it helps revive your sex drive during those times of strenuous workloads, depression, and stress. Yes, there are times when your libido suffers, and it can be a pain to your significant other -- and to you. In such moments, don't just sit there fretting over a lacking sex life, but try ylang ylang essential oil.

Helps Inhibit High Blood Pressure

Let's face it -- cases of hypertension (or high blood pressure) are on the rise these days. While there's nothing wrong with using OTC drugs for treatment, most of those have undesirable side effects. That's where ylang-ylang essential oil comes in. Not only does it help control hypertension, but it also is void of notable side effects -- provided you use it right.

Boosts Hair Health

How many times have you tried treating a dry scalp with little to no success? Yes, there's a ton of unreliable products out there. But, thankfully, ylang-ylang essential oil is not like those. This standout product does actually stimulate the skin, helping control sebum production. It keeps your scalp consistently hydrated while promoting luxurious hair growth. It's also said to control hair loss.d6

That's not all, but ylang-ylang essential oil gets rid of head lice, especially in kids. The oil has helped create remedies that successfully treats and eliminates the parasite.

Helps Manage Depression

We all know the consequences of depression. It's a health hazard and can be life-threatening. However, worry not, for ylang-ylang essential oil is an antidepressant that works wonders when it comes to fighting depression. It relaxes the body and mind, helping keep such things like stress and anxiety at bay. Yes, with this wonder oil, those angry feelings should be a thing of the past.

Inhibits Stress

Stress is inevitable. And, just like depression, it can result in unexplainable health issues. Stress is an factor in terrifying mental illnesses -- including depression leading to suicide. However, ylang-ylang essential oil can offer a helping hand. It induces good feelings, making you stay peaceful all day long. Not just that, but this product helps lift your spirits when you're fatigued or tensed. The same is true of panics and fears. Ylang-ylang essential oil can help relieve all of that while promoting a healthier lifestyle. Don't let those mood swings wear you down anymore.

Controls Eczema

Sebum stimulation is as important as body hydration. It's responsible for rich, glowing skin. That might not be the case if you're suffering from Eczema. The cruel disease interferes with the normal production of sebum, resulting in uneven skin tone. It can be such a serious distraction, especially when your eyebrows and cheeks show whitish to yellowish patches around them. Thanks to ylang-ylang essential oil, you can keep this inflammation under control. The oil works on the same principles of sebum control here.

Promotes Beautiful Skin

Ylang-ylang essential oil doesn't just help manage Eczema, but it's good for skin in general. It gets rid of dryness by helping retain moisture and the oils that are essential for the general health of the skin. Simply put, this oil helps to balance the moisture on your skin, leaving it young and glowing. Again, this to due to its sebum-control qualities.

Alleviates Spasms

Those muscle contractions that come without warning can be annoying. Especially because the twitches tend to be painful, despite the fact that they may be shortlived. A regular massage of ylang-ylang essential oil helps alleviate these unwelcome spasms so you can stay relaxed all day.

Helps Fights Infections

Ylang-ylang essential oil also wards off internal body infections. This oil is a threat to infections in the stomach. It protects the entire digestive tract including the intestines, urinary tract, and the colon. The terrific product actively fights bacteria, a thing that inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract.

Good For The Nerves

Ylang-ylang essential oil helps maintain a healthy nervous system. It's common knowledge that the brain and nerves are related. That explains why the nerves might start functioning abnormally when the brain is affected in one way or another. But here's what ylang-ylang essential oil does: it maintains your brain's health while strengthening the nervous system. It also limits cases of nervous breakdowns and disorders.

How To Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Knowing the benefits of ylang-ylang essential oil is useless if you don't know how to use the product. So let's take a peek at some of the ways you can use this extraordinary product.

ylang ylang essential oil
  • Mix with coconut oil to create a terrific hair conditioner
  • Inhale it or use it topically on your chest for an enhanced mood
  • The oil works as a sweet-smelling perfume when you apply to your wrists
  • In aromatherapy, you can add it to steam facials for skin rejuvenation
  • You can massage it into the back and shoulders for a relaxed feeling
  • Add it to salt baths for calm feelings
  • A mixture of ylang-ylang essential oil with other oils, like sandalwood, can be applied on the thighs for an enhanced libido

Properties Of This Wonderful Oil

Essential oils feature some properties that make them work the way they do, and ylang-ylang essential oil is no exception. The following are some of the properties the product boasts:

  • The Aphrodisiac characteristic helps improve libido
  • The antiseptic nature makes it fight infections
  • The antiseborrheic properties aid in curing skin inflammations
  • The antidepressant qualities are responsible for treating depression and stress-related conditions

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: Blending And Dosage

ylang ylang flower

If you are wondering which oils blend well with ylang-ylang essential oil, wonder no more. This product blends well with a couple of other essential oils: sandalwood, bergamot, vetiver, grapefruit, geranium, and lemon.

Also, there's no standard dosage for ylang-ylang essential oil. Usage amounts vary based on many factors. These include the age and health of the user, as well as any other conditions the user might be suffering from. While this is a natural product and may seem safe to use, be sure to adhere to the instructions on the label. And remember -- talk to your doctor before you start using it.

Precautions You Don't Want To Overlook

Like most essential oils, you want to test for skin sensitivity before using ylang-ylang essential oil. The feet are the recommended areas to test on as they are comparatively "tougher" than other parts of the body. Be sure to dilute ylang-ylang essential oil before using it topically. For this purpose, you can use any carrier oils, including jojoba.

When used moderately, ylang-ylang essential oil is reported to have no side effects. It is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, too. However, ingesting this essential oil in unusually large quantities can cause nausea and mild headaches.

Grab Yourself A Bottle

It goes without saying that ylang-ylang essential oil boasts many uses and benefits you can't afford to overlook. From aromatic to medicinal uses, this product certainly can save you a bunch of troubles. More importantly, use it in moderate amounts, and adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. Equally noteworthy, follow the right procedure to achieve useful results.

We are not medics by any means. And this information is not medical advice. Therefore, please be sure to check with a health professional before using ylang-ylang essential oil. While this is a natural product free from any side effects (when used right), you still want to seek your doctor's advice about it.

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